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MOC Part 4 Assessment

As one of four parts of ABPM's maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, individuals are required to complete two practice performance assessments during their 10-year certification cycle. One assessment needs to be completed in the first 5 years of the certification cycle and one in the final 5 years.

Assessment Process

This seven-step component of the MOC Program applies to those diplomates whose certificate expired in 2010 or later. This component utilizes a quality improvement model with opportunities for assessment of practice performance and improvement activities available in clinical practice, teaching, research, and administration. After enrolling, individuals will download the Diplomate Practice Assessment Plan and instructions explaining the seven-step process. An official copy of the assessment plan, required assessment tools (listed below), and other requirements listed in the instructions are then submitted to ACPM for review.

The DPAP will walk you through the process of MOC Part 4 listed below:

  1. Select the appropriate tool
  2. Prepare for the evaluation
  3. Complete the evaluation.
  4. Identify area(s) for improvement
  5. Develop/implement QI plan
  6. Measure improvement
  7. Document process on the Diplomate Practice Improvement Plan (DPAP)

NOTE: Regardless of which MOC Part 4 tool you choose, you will follow the same process.

Pre-existing Quality Improvement Projects

American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) diplomates due to recertify in 2022 and later are required to complete two Improvement in Medical Practice Projects, one during the first five years of their certification cycle and another during the last five years of their certification cycle. Recognizing that many preventive medicine physicians already participate in meaningful quality improvement activities that may meet Part 4 requirements, ABPM is allowing specialty societies to accept pre-existing Quality Improvement Projects in lieu of completion of one of the two preventive medicine specialty societies’ MOC Part 4 assessments. Pre-existing Quality Improvement Projects can satisfy the ABMS MOC Part 4 requirement as long as the diplomate completed the activity within the appropriate time period, i.e., during the first 5 years OR last five years of the MOC cycle, and completed the activity using a standard, documented quality improvement process. Diplomates participating will NOT be required to complete one of the ACPM Part 4 assessment tools.


Wendy Braund, Chair of the CME/MOC Committee, explains the MOC requirements and ACPM's Part 4 Assessment program.

Assessment Tools

ACPM offers four tools, listed below, to complete the MOC Part 4 requirement. Regardless of which MOC Part 4 tool you choose, you must follow the seven steps listed above.

Clinical Practice Evaluation I & II –This tool includes medical records review (for adults or children) and includes a clinical system review.

360-Degree Feedback Evaluation – This tool is a compilation of feedback regarding fulfillment of selected competencies in a rating scale format from self, superiors, peers and subordinates.

Report Card Evaluation – This tool is a narrative-style self-assessment and feedback from supervisor regarding fulfillment of selected competencies.

Portfolio Evaluation – This tool is a compilation of diplomate-selected products from practice representing fulfillment of selected competencies.


To enroll in the ACPM MOC Part 4 process, you need to complete the registration form and pay your MOC Part 4 Fee. After payment, you will be able to download your DPAP and the Part 4 tool of your choice. Completed documented should be sent to Amber Sims-Mowatt (asims@acpm.org).

Fees Member Non-Member
Part 4 Assessment $295 $395

To ensure your application can be processed, reviewed, and submitted to the American Board of Preventive Medicine before January 31, 2019, all documents must be received by November 30, 2018. If you have any questions about the application process, contact Amber Sims-Mowatt (asims@acpm.org).


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