For men in North America, prostate cancer is the most common cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer-related death. Thankfully, sensitive screening measures and powerful treatment tools can treat and cure prostate cancer. The challenge comes from understanding and using these tools appropriatly. Aggressive treatment can do more harm than good in men with less aggressive disease, and guidlines on treatment have wide variation among different organizations. 

ACPM is working to help clarify those guidlines, including construction of best practices for Shared Decision Making (SDM) processes to better address the uncertainties and complexities of prostate cancer screening. We've collaborated with leaders in the field of prostate cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment to help develop a series of prostate cancer decision aids that help physicians and patients through this process. 

The ACPM prostate cancer decision aids: 

  • Incorporate information about benefits and harms of screening, and patient values.
  • Include consideration of individual patient risks.
  • Include both provider tools and materials and patient tools and materials. 
  • Facilitate a dialogue among patients and their providers that will promote shared decision making based on the best available information regarding benefits, harms, and individual risks.