The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) believes in saving lives, creating healthier communities, and transforming our healthcare system.

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American Preventive Medicine Excellence

Founded in 1954 and chartered in 1956, ACPM emerged as a professional community for board-certified physicians to network, share their expertise and advocate for the advancement of prevention. Today, ACPM represents over 2,000 physicians, medical students, non-physicians, and other partners. All believe in the importance of preventive medicine in our society. 

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What is Preventive Medicine? A Definition.

Preventive medicine (or preventive care medicine) consists of a wide variety of characteristics, but with preventive disease, disability, and death as core components across all arenas of practice:

  • Preventive medicine specialists work directly with patients to prescribe clinical preventive medicine and lifestyle-based interventions to prevent disease.

  • Preventive medicine physicians work with governments, business, health systems, and more to understand the needs of their communities and develop policy and population health practices to prevent disease and improve health at the population-level.

Discover more about the importance of preventive medicine and the types of preventive medicine doctors that work in the field.

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Organizational Structure and Governance

Included at the top of ACPM’s organizational structure are a Board of Regents and a governance structure that consists of:

The Board is entrusted to follow a governance pathway that is governed by ACPM’s bylaws, strategic plan, and code of ethics.

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ACPM is the professional home for the preventive medicine community. Our membership consists of:

  • Physicians and aspiring physicians

  • Medical students

  • Public health partners

  • Non-physician partners

Become a member today, and join our mission to advance the health and wellbeing of our communities! We also rely upon your contributions to grow as an organization and are grateful for your donations. Have questions or need more information about us? Send our team an email at or call (202) 466-2044.