Reinstatement of certification is the ongoing process by which the American Board of Preventive Medicine evaluates physicians practicing in the field to ensure they meet continually improving standards of practice and a commitment to career-long learning and growth. ACPM offers various options to help our members meet this mandate and successful reinstate their certification.

The reinstatement of certification process applys to diplomates whos certification has expired but has not been suspended, revoked or subject to other disciplinary actions. 

Since ACPM is validating for the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM)’s mandate for REINSTATEMENT OF CERTIFICATION  that you successfully complete the Performance Enhancement Activity (PEA) Activity requirements, the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) reserves the right to ask that you provide additional information and/or complete the process again if there is not sufficient evidence that you have participated in this program correctly. In the event of fraudulent activities, ACPM reserves the right to request that you withdraw from this program. In addition, please be advised that any fraudulent activities by an applicant in the REINSTATEMENT OF CERTIFICATION process may be reported to ABPM. In turn, any physician found guilty of such fraudulent activities after proper adjudication may be reported to the National Practitioner Databank.

ACPM representatives will verify that the process was successfully completed by reviewing this finished booklet. In addition, ACPM may seek further clarification or validation by telephone interview or other appropriate means. ABPM will verify with ACPM that you have completed this process.

ABPM requirements for continuing certification.

ABPM requirements for reinstatement of certification.

DPAP Quality Improvement 

The American College of Preventive Medicine has developed the Diplomate Practice Assessment Plan (DPAP) for Performance Enhancement Activity (PEA) Activity in the specialty of General Preventive Medicine/Public Health. This is a self directed process with no "correct" answers, the primary goal is that you improve the quality of your practice of preventive medicine as a result of this informative process. An approval form is required to undertake this project.

PEA Activity Evaluation Categories

Portfolio Evaluation 

This tool is a compilation of CV and diplomate-selected products/examples from practice representing fulfillment of selected competencies. 

Report Card Evaluation

This tool is a narrative-style self-assessment and feedback from supervisor regarding fulfillment of selected competencies. Notes: if you would prefer to use your workplace evaluation, please choose the portfolio-style assessment and include as evidence.

360 Evaluation 

This tool is a compilation of feedback regarding fulfillment of selected competencies in a rating scale format from self, superiors, peers and subordinates.

Clinical Practice Evaluation

This tool is a chart-review based evaluation of application of USPSTF and other accepted standard of care for preventive screening and population health within clinical practice and clinical systems review. This option must be selected if greater than 10 percent of your professional time is dedicated to direct patient care. 

For the above evaluation tools, it is suggested that diplomates initiate their DPAP at least six months before their intended date of reinstatement of certification. 

Pre-existing Quality Improvement Project