Data consistently shows that community tobacco cessation efforts are one of the most efficient and cos-effective interventions for tobacco usage. While we believe commercial tobacco use should be prevented at the start, we support and advocate for evidence-based interventions to help users quit. 

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is aligned and engaged with with a number of national organizations across the medical, non-profit, and health care space to create and distribute resources that empower physicians, policy makers, educators, families and their communities to prevent tobacco use and help current tobacco users quit. 

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Tobacco Prevention Resources

From tobacco prevention for youth to creating pathways for leadership to educate our community, ACPM’s efforts run deep.

Our initiatives consist of prevention techniques to curb:

  • Teen tobacco use
  • Tobacco use among adults
  • The myth of vaping to quit smoking
  • Practices that encourage tobacco use

Strategic Intervention 

Tobacco Cessation Roadmap

In 2020, ACPM convened partners from across the health care space, including notable researchers and experts in academia, the health care industry, and governmental public health to develop a strategic roadmap for the integration of tobacco use and dependence interventions into clinical care. 

A quick overview:

  • In cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we conducted a landscape analysis and convened experts from 15 stakeholder groups to develop a strategic roadmap that includes short, mid and long-term goals and metrics to guide and measure impact.
  • The recommendations and priorities are listed in three key domains including Medical Education, Health Systems and Financing as well as Policy.

ACPM has published the roadmap and an information overview for wide distribution to providers, health systems and policy makers.

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Tobacco Prevention for Youth

Youth Tobacco Cessation Resources

ACPM is committed to preventing youth tobacco use, and we are working with stakeholders to develop resources and strategies to prevent youth tobacco use.

ACPM and our partners have collected an extensive library of resources, tools, and programming to assist in prevention and cessation efforts. 

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