Recognizing Leadership within the College and Specialty

Election as a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine (FACPM) is an honor bestowed upon qualified candidates by their peers on the ACPM Membership Committee. Fellowship in the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) recognizes these distinguished individuals for their service and engagement within the field of preventive medicine, and within the entirety of the College.

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Introducing the 2022 ACPM Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 Class of Fellows!

2022-Fellows_Badmus,-Olabisi_headshot_crop-(2).jpg Olabisi Badmus, MD, MPH
2022-Fellows_Gullett,-Heidi_headshot_crop-(1).png Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH
2022-Fellows_Holt,-Christina_headshot_crop.jpg Christina Holt, MD, MSc
2022-Fellows_Jadotte,-Yuri_headshot_crop-(1).jpg Yuri Tertilus Jadotte, MD,
2022-Fellows_Michas,-Maria_headshot_crop-(1).jpg Maria Michas, MD, MPH,
2022-Fellows_Lang,-Ryan_headshot_crop.jpg Ryan D. Lang, MD, MPH
2022-Fellows_Rajupet,-Sritha_headshot_crop.jpeg Sritha Reddy Rajupet, MD,
2022-Fellows_Silverman,-Warren_headshot_crop.jpg Warren Silverman, MD,
2022-Fellows_Singer,-Darrell_headshot_crop.jpg Darrell Singer, MD, MPH
2022-Fellows_Singleton,-Christa-Marie_headshot_crop.jpg Christa-Marie Singleton, MD,
2022-Fellows_Smith,-Eric_headshot_crop.jpg Eric B. Smith, DO, MPH, CTWH
2022-Fellows_States,-Leith_headshot_crop.jpg Leith J. States, MD, MPH, MBA
2022-Fellows_Sun,-Aristotle_headshot_crop.jpg Aristotle Sun, MD, MPH

What is ACPM Fellowship?

Members may apply to become a Fellow of the College after three consecutive years of full membership and once they have completed all requirements and processes as outlined by the College.

Fellows may add the credential FACPM to their signature and are eligible for additional member benefits, including access to exclusive events and leadership opportunities through the Board of Regents. To maintain use of the FACPM credential, individuals must remain full-members in good standing with the College. If a Fellow's annual dues lapse, the fellowship designation becomes invalid until reinstated with a $150 reinstatement fee. 

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Preventive Medicine Fellowship Application Guide

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ACPM requires candidates to complete several steps to be considered for a fellowship opportunity. From two letters of recommendation for your fellowship application, to holding a current certification with recognized professional boards, candidates must adhere to high standards of achievement and engagement to be reviewed and awarded this prestigious honor.

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ACPM members have access to resources and earn accolades that are recognized throughout the preventive medicine industry. In addition to Fellowship in the College, our membership and partner initiatives include:
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