Preventive medicine physicians bring a unique mindset to the healthcare system. With training in both clinical medicine and public health, they work in the intersections of our healthcare system marrying public health ideas to clinical realities and working in clinical practice with population-level perspective.

The American College of Preventive Medicine is excited to take a leading role in supporting the next generation of physicians trained in population health competencies, dedicated to the care of populations and communities, and ready to complete the transformation of our healthcare system into one that prioritizes prevention.

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A recently published study interviewed preventive medicine physicians and healthcare executives. It found there is a need for more physicians well versed in population health in order to meet a growing demand for value-based care. This is especially true for health systems transitioning away from fee-for-service, volume-based care models.

Preventive medicine physicians possess a diverse and evolving skillset, able to fill roles across the healthcare system. Strong fundamental expertise in clinical practice and public health perspectives will be essential as our health care system transforms from a “sick-care” system to one that values and promotes health at every level.

Preventive medicine careers infographic