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Promoting Advocacy in Medicine

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) strives to advance priorities in public health policy, and advance the field of preventive medicine in collaboration with our members. We are stronger when we work together, and our advocacy is more effective when our members are involved. ACPM needs you to help and your voice to support the practice of prevention.

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What is Advocacy in Preventive Medicine?

ACPM advocates for public health practice and policy that makes a difference in the medical community and the world. We organize member-led constituent outreach through meetings with congressional offices and grassroots outreach across communication channels including email and social media. By using these tactics and learning during legislative advocacy training opportunities, APCM members can cultivate a powerful voice for public health and preventive medicine advocacy.

ACPM Action Center

The ACPM Action Center makes it easy for ACPM members to engage with a simple avenue to connect your voice to your congressional representatives. Support preventive medicine through meaningful ACPM advocacy activities that are aligned with the college's forward-thinking policy agenda supporting public health best-practices and the sustainable future of the practice of prevention.

For more information about ACPM or to get in touch with us, send our team an email at or call (202) 466-2044.