• Donna Grande

    Donna Grande, MGA Chief Executive Officer

  • Mira Agneshwar

    Mira Agneshwar, MPH Program Manager, Programs and Grants

  • Anita Balan

    Anita Balan, MPH, MCHES Director, Residency Engagement and Development

  • Karissa Becknel

    Karissa Becknel Program Manager, Programs and Grants

  • Melissa Ferrari

    Melissa Ferrari, CAE Vice President, Membership and Operations

  • Claire Gugerty

    Claire Gugerty Program Manager, Programs and Grants

  • Will Hirzy

    Will Hirzy Member Services Specialist

  • Noah Isenstein

    Noah Isenstein Communications and Advocacy Specialist

  • Mouaad Jaani

    Mouaad Jaani Marketing and Communications Specialist

  • Cathy MacMain-Cage

    Cathy MacMain-Cage Executive Coordinator

  • Cara Molinari

    Cara Molinari, MA Director, Medical Education

  • Erin Nichols

    Erin Nichols Manager, Continuing Medical Education

  • Eric Oyan

    Eric Oyan Director, Membership and Marketing

  • Kate Shreve

    Kate Shreve, MPH Director of Programs and Grants