The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) supports our resident members by providing them with access to a community of likeminded residents from across the country; more than 1500 members deep into their preventive medicine careers, who can be drawn on as mentors, collaborators, and more during their preventive medicine residency.

ACPM also hosts multiple educational webinars each month for preventive medicine training, provides extensive resources to aid in preparation for the board examination and certification, and offers leadership opportunities for residents looking to make their mark of the field of preventive medicine.

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What is Preventive Medicine Residency?

Preventive medicine residency is the first step down the pathway toward a career in preventive medicine. Residents focus on deepening their understanding of clinical practice in a preventive medicine school where they work toward obtaining a master’s degree through public health residency programs to broaden their expertise in the realm of public and population health.

The ACPM Resident Community

As part of our commitment to providing preventive medicine residents with a national community of likeminded physicians, ACPM hosts a member-exclusive resident community forum. Engage in discussion, build relationships, and share resources and opportunities, with fellow residents who have been selected from the top preventive medicine residence program list in the country. Our online community is one of the best knowledge hubs you will find in the industry with expertise drawn from numerous residencies, and even preventive medicine fellowship programs.

ACPM’s resident engagement team also works hard to create educational and networking events that meet the specific needs of resident physicians. Take a look at our events page for upcoming opportunities!

Career Development

One of the most important moments in a physician’s career journey is securing their first job out of residency. ACPM is here to help with an extensive career center filled with jobs tailored for preventive medicine physicians. ACPM also connects residents with internship, fellowship and rotational opportunities withing the College and with our partners.

ACPM also provides career development webinars, educational opportunities, and an in-depth career infographic to help residents understand the wide realm of opportunities available to them.

Board Certification

Upon completion of preventive medicine residency, residents sit for the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) certification exam. ACPM has developed an extensive library of board review materials including practice tests, lesson recordings and more, built to suit the busy schedules of our members.

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Become a part of our mission prevent disease, disability, and death, advancing health for all. If you aren’t already a member and are interested in learning more, we have membership opportunities tailored specifically for resident physicians who join our College.

We also invite you to view more about opportunities and resources for residents, including:
  As members, we continue to move forward with support paths for aspiring preventive physicians of all types, including those interested in family medicine preventive medicine or physicians completing an occupational medicine residency. Consider supporting our cause with a donation as we continue to promote tobacco cessation efforts and many other important initiatives.

For more information or to speak with us, send us an email at or call (202) 466-2044.