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date:05/23 Year:2024

acpm update

Lean into YOUR professional HOME and Advance the Practice of Preventive Medicine

Recognizing the growing need to support the recruitment, training and advancement of the next generation of Preventive Medicine physicians, ACPM created a new staff role to provide dedicated support for preventive medicine residency programs, medical students, residents and early career physicians to take full advantage of the enriching and fulfilling experiences that come with membership in the College. In September 2023, it was my honor to step into this role — Director of Residency Engagement and Development. 

date:05/15 Year:2024

acpm update

Letter from the President: Preventing Injury Through Training, Research and Practice

With the advent of summer just about a month away, we need to think of ways to protect our communities from the damage that injuries and trauma can inflict on all, especially among children, once they are done with school and out and about all summer long.

date:05/09 Year:2024

acpm update

Bettering Mental Health for all

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Subcommittee consists of Program Directors across the U.S. that are responsible for training the future of Public Health and General Preventive Medicine physicians. In keeping with this section of the ACPM Newsletter, May is Mental Health Awareness Month and coming from the GME Subcommittee it seems befitting to discuss the ACGME Well Being Resources available on ACGME Learn. ACGME Learn is available for leadership, faculty, trainees and even non-faculty preceptors involved in GME to provide support for a healthy and compliant educational environment. While there is a plethora of training opportunities through the ACGME Learn platform that can be used to help with several ACGME requirements, the resources that are available for mental health are not only timely but provide the space for trainees and faculty to enhance their skills in coping and resilience. Many of these resources were not available when a lot of us went through training but I for one am happy they are here now.

date:05/02 Year:2024

acpm update

CEO Update: 05/02/2024

 Hopefully, those of you who were able to attend PM2024 are still smiling from the week’s activities and events as well as the many reunions and new relationships that were formed. There were so many wonderful aspects of the conference it is challenging to find my favorite event, speaker or connection. What brought me most joy, however, was seeing so many smiles. The photo of the group making the visits to Capitol Hill was wonderful. I zoomed in on each face from my iPhone to see each smile on the faces gleaming with joy taking part in ensuring we increase funding for preventive medicine residents and their programs. Many thanks to those of you who took time to attend Hill Day and to visit with your elected officials; it was the largest turnout in the history of the College and this type of engagement truly makes a difference.

date:04/24 Year:2024

acpm update

AI in Preventive Medicine

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and our lives is rapidly growing. ACPM must ensure our specialty leads the way to ensure AI is used effectively, safely, ethically and equitably. To do this, we should consider training and core competencies. These include AI and machine learning fundamentals, data literacy, ethical considerations and bias, regulatory and legal aspects, clinical integration of AI tools, interdisciplinary collaboration, continuous learning and adaptation, and impact on health equity. By gaining knowledge in these areas, preventive medicine physicians can become informed leaders who utilize AI tools effectively and contribute to shaping the future of AI in healthcare to be ethical, equitable and impactful.

date:04/24 Year:2024

acpm update

PM2024 — CEO's Recap Day 4

Preventive Medicine 2024 has come to a close, and I want to extend my sincerest congratulations and appreciation to each and every one of you. Each day offered inspiration — filled with insightful discussions, innovative ideas and great opportunities for attendees to connect. Hopefully, you returned home safely and are enjoying time with your family as you reflect on this year’s annual conference.

date:04/22 Year:2024

press release


Select physicians were recognized for their commitment to public health and preventive medicine within their local communities and across the nation at annual Preventive Medicine Conference.


date:04/21 Year:2024

acpm update

PM2024 — CEO's Recap Day 3

Another successful day of Preventive Medicine 2024 has come to a close, which means the over 600 registrants will soon return home. To those who presented during the conference, be it a poster, concurrent presentation or plenary session, you have been an integral part of the event’s success. Your passion, expertise and commitment to preventive medicine are truly inspiring and serve as the driving force behind ACPM’s mission.

date:04/20 Year:2024

acpm update

PM2024 — CEO's Recap Day 2

Day 2 of ACPM’s Annual Conference – Preventive Medicine 2024 – did not disappoint! The energy and passion demonstrated throughout the day by moderators, presenters and workshop and session participants was contagious.