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date:09/28 Year:2023

acpm update

Women in Medicine Month

September is Women in Medicine Month as designated by the American Medical Association (AMA). While women have made gains in medical school applications and enrollments over the past five years, and have comprised over fifty-five percent of first-year medical students in 2022, the equation for health equity and social justice demand greater diversity and inclusion at every level of medical education and healthcare and public health practice and leadership. To solve the current and future complexities of medicine and beyond and to innovate with unbridled creativity, people who identify as women are pivotal to driving such competitive change. But performative diversity without appropriate power sharing across all groups, especially those who have been historically disenfranchised or excluded falls flat of the promise of calculated majorities. As we hopefully use this moment to celebrate and amplify women across public health and preventive medicine, it’s important for us to advocate for the professional concerns of women physicians and the health issues and social needs of women patients. Both the literature and lived experience have taught us that pay inequities, bias and discrimination in life and the workplace, and the challenges of high quality, affordable childcare have presented sturdy barriers to gender and intersectional justice.

date:09/21 Year:2023

press release

The American College of Preventive Medicine Hosts Physician Rally for “Back to School”

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) kicked off the third year of the Vaccine Confident Campaign with a “Back to School” rally focusing on pediatric vaccines.

date:09/20 Year:2023

acpm update

Letter From the President: ACPM’s Vaccine Confident Campaign

With summer’s impending departure on Saturday and school having begun for millions of students across the nation, it is time to focus on the fall season and the vaccines that preventive medicine physicians will need to help deliver. Ensuring that the most vulnerable amongst us, children, get their requisite vaccines in a timely manner is no small feat, given the ongoing challenges from dedicated anti-vaxxers!

date:09/06 Year:2023

acpm update

Making System Changes at ACPM

Changes are coming to how we support you at ACPM. In fall 2022, the College set out to modernize its processes and streamline operations through migrating to a new Association Management System (AMS). An AMS is the central control hub for an association. It houses member records, business transactions and centralized reporting among other functions. And, it will allow for single sign on – the feature that allows you to use your one ACPM username and password to access your account, the learning platform, the journal and more. This move was made with you, the member, in mind as we seek to provide you with a more user-friendly, streamlined and robust experience.

date:08/30 Year:2023

acpm update

CEO Update 08/31/2023

Gratitude is a simple word often overlooked and underused. So, for today, I want to focus on it because my heart is full of gratitude for many things.

date:08/24 Year:2023

acpm update

Get Involved with ACPM

I recently joined the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Before you wonder if I mixed up my newsletter articles, let me explain. Although I’m team PrevMed through and through, I have many friends who are doing incredible work at ACLM and I was curious how our 'younger sibling' grew larger than our own College. So, I attended a new member Zoom happy hour to investigate.

date:08/17 Year:2023

acpm update

Letter From the President: Healthcare: Too Much and Not Enough!

It has long been observed that one of the challenges with the delivery of healthcare in America is that the wealthy get too much of it and the poor do not get enough. 

Over the past week, I have been interviewed by several health reporters about a posting by an Instagram influencer regarding the benefits of full-body MRI scans as a preventive test, to detect diseases before they cause morbidity or mortality. This initiated a discussion about the basics of screening, without going into much detail regarding the intricacies associated with the epidemiology of screening tests — namely sensitivity, specificity, prevalence, positive predictive value, etc.

date:08/10 Year:2023

acpm update

Preventive Medicine 2024 Conference – Leadership in Medicine and Public Health

It feels like it was just yesterday we were all in New Orleans eating beignets at Preventive Medicine 2023, yet here we are gearing up for Preventive Medicine 2024! The Conference Planning Committee has been hard at work for the past several months arranging plenary speakers, organizing logistics and coordinating events to ensure Preventive Medicine 2024 will be a smash hit! The conference will take place in Washington, D.C. April 18-21, 2024, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, so be sure to mark your calendars.

date:08/03 Year:2023

acpm update

ACPM Combating Health Misinformation

ACPM, as a member of the Coalition for Trust in Health & Science, is dedicated to confronting health information that is false, inaccurate or misleading according to the best available evidence at the time to benefit individual and public health.