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Meet Chris T. Pernell, MD, MPH and FACPM
Chief Strategic Integration and Health Equity Officer at University Hospital, Newark, N.J.

When asked what advice she would offer to young physicians who are beginning their journey in medicine, Dr. Pernell has this to say: "It's crucial for all young physicians to understand how upstream factors influence health and the role of systems and societal forces on health outcomes and life opportunities. For instance, all physicians, especially those who are beginning their journey in medicine, need to understand the impact of systemic and institutional racism and implicit bias on patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the disproportionate burden of illness experienced by persons of color. The devastation caused by the pandemic cannot be extricated from the role of endemic racism. The integration between public health and clinical medicine is necessary for health equity to be achieved."

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Meet Ed Fess, MD, MBA
CMO of Care1st Health Plan—Arizona

On the topic of how the training and education in preventive medicine has supported his career, Dr. Fess has this to say: "So much of preventive medicine applies to daily life as a CMO. Many of the skills I learned provided me with a breadth of knowledge and are directly applicable to my work, including reviewing studies on new medications, devices, or clinical programs; interacting with the state regulatory agencies and public health departments; dealing with a multitude of communicable diseases; and even understanding the overall infrastructure of public and world health."

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