Legislative Agenda

ACPM works to promote federal policy that advances the practice of preventive medicine across all levels of the health system. The College endorses policies that bolster disease prevention and health promotion efforts which aim to save lives, create healthier communities, and transform our healthcare system.

Policy Statements

ACPM develops and advocates for public policies consistent with the scientific evidence and core principals of the preventive medicine profession. Policy positions taken by ACPM are developed by the Advocacy Committee and approved by the Board of Regents.

Action Center

The ACPM Action Center makes it easy for ACPM members to engage in meaningful advocacy activities and support the College's policy agenda.

Ambassador Program

ACPM encourages members to advocate for the preventive medicine specialty and to ensure prevention is a cornerstone of health systems.

Advocacy Partners

ACPM works in partnership with a broad range of organizations to advocate for improved quality of care, increased access to care, and to create a healthcare system built around prevention.

AMA House of Delegates

ACPM is the leading advocate for public health and prevention within the American Medical Association (AMA) and is a participant in the AMA House of Delegates. Through the House of Delegates medical specialty societies work together to advance the practice of medicine.