Starting a preventive medicine residency program or accepting a new role as a program director? Learn from experienced program directors with first-hand knowledge in all facets of launching and running a successful residency program. With topics ranging from funding and accreditation to helping residents find jobs post-residency - this series of interviews with experienced program directors provides the insight and knowledge you need to get started. 

Upcoming Episodes Include: 

  • Program Funding 

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • ACGME and Program Accreditation

  • Building the Residency Program Team 

  • Evaluating Residents

  • And more to come

Podcast Episodes

  • Recruiting Residents and the Standardized Acceptance Process

    Recruiting Residents and the Standardized Acceptance Process

    In this episode, Dr. Jim Tacci, the program director at the University of Rochester, discusses the unique match process for preventive medicine residents. Dr. Tacci is one of the key advisers of the Standardized Acceptance Process (SAP), the ACPM-facilitated match program for preventive medicine. This episode covers the entirety of the SAP, from conducting resident interviews to accepting matched residents. 

  • Developing Curriculum

    Developing Curriculum

    In this episode, Dr. Karen Studer, program director at Loma Linda University, breaks down the essential components of planning resident academic activities. From timing and the planning process to key considerations for developing subject matter that is enriching and prepares residents for careers in preventive medicine, Dr. Studer shares both key concepts and requirements and insightful real world experience from running a residency program.

  • Encouraging Research and Publication Skills

    Encouraging Research and Publication Skills

    In this episode, Dr. Yuri Jadotte, program director at Stoney Brook University and Editor-in-Chief of AJPM FOCUS, discusses the importance of developing skills needed to publish in academic journals. From helping residents ensure their research design matches their objectives, to understanding how to apply academic skills in every day practice, Dr. Jadotte shares helpful insights, resources and best practices.