The ACPM In-Service Examination (ISE) is administered annually in the Summer. This exam allows program directors and residents to identify specific areas where more study and experience are needed. It can also be a tool for programs to gauge the training at their respective institutions with other national programs. Finally, the voluntary exam affords resident trainees an opportunity to assess their individual performance with others at the same level nationally. The exam is available for PM residents in their first or second year of training. Recent graduates (within 6 months of graduation) are also welcomed to enroll.

Type of Purchase Pricing
In-Service Exam Member Resident $150
In-Service Exam Non-Member $225
In-Service Exam & Membership Bundle (membership expires December 2023) $225
In-Service Exam & Membership Bundle (membership expires Decemeber 2024 $275
  • Membership status of current residents will be verified prior to invoicing and/or finalizing payment.  

  • ACPM should receive the payment for the exams by the above deadline.  

  • Residents will receive access to the exam only after ACPM receives the payment.   

  • Exam access information, including URL and resident-specific login, will be emailed to the program/residents shortly before the examination period. 


The Inservice Exam will be offered ONLY during the following dates to ensure efficient enrollment of all residents to access the exam.  

  • Monday July 31  

  • Friday August 4  

  • Friday August 11  

  • Friday August 18  

  • Monday August 28  

Programs can choose up to two dates for their residents to take the exam.  


Programs must provide a proctor. ACPM will not provide a proctor.  

Programs may determine exam logistics including in-person or virtual administration. Virtual proctoring is permitted for the 2023 In-Service Exam. Programs are required to provide their own proctor. Guidelines for the administration of the in-service exam are as follows: 

  • Once the program directors pick one of the dates listed above, ACPM staff will send instructions to access the exam through our learning management system. 

  • Programs that choose to proctor virtually may do so by using any of your virtual platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeetings, etc.   

  • Programs that have the capacity and permission to offer the exam in-person may continue to proctor the residents the same way as they did in previous years. 


The exam’s 110 questions are written in a "one best response" format, and residents are given 2 1/4 hours to complete the exam. Though not intended to be an examination preparation tool, the In-service Exam can be a gauge of how well residents are being trained and prepared for the content of the Board examination. It is designed for residents in all specialty areas of Preventive Medicine. The material covered in the exam relates to the core portion of the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) certification exam and includes questions on chronic disease, infectious disease, occupational and environmental medicine, epidemiology, and health services administration.   


Program results will be distributed in October 2023. Results include national data, program data, and individual results. 


  • May 24 – Registration Opens  

  • July 19- Deadline for Program Registration and Payment  

  • Exam Dates - July 31, August 4, August 11, August 18 and August 28   

  • October 2023 – Deadline for Programs to Receive Results 


Please contact Anita Balan abalan@acpm.org