The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) has created an ongoing tobacco and smoking prevention and cessation module as a roadmap for change in regard to tobacco use and dependence. Our resources are created with a focus on our initiatives, as well as those through the national alliance for tobacco cessation. The tobacco cessation roadmap is a collaborative effort with stakeholders that understand how our information can be the most effective.

About the Roadmap

In 2020, ACPM, under a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), facilitated a series of convenings with representatives from more than 15 medical societies, associations, and universities to discuss how to effectively accelerate the integration of tobacco use and dependence interventions into the clinical setting.

Discussions focused on articulating goals, outcomes, and strategies for driving change in three key domains:
  • Medical Education — including undergraduate, graduate, and smoking cessation continuing medical education (CME).
  • Health Systems Change — including clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement initiatives, use of technologies such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and public health-health care partnerships.
  • Policy — including reimbursement, insurance coverage, scope of practice, and environmental policies.

Smoking Cessation Roadmap

Tobacco cessation, by medical definition, is summarized as the act of quitting smoking through preventive integrations that reduce and remove dependency.

The current state of effective and widespread integration of smoking cessation interventions in clinical health care settings — from emergency rooms to primary care clinics to dentist offices — reveals both successes to build on and opportunities for improvement.

Articulating a vision and a definition of success in advancing the integration of tobacco cessation interventions in clinical health care settings is critical to moving beyond the current state in a way that maximizes the potential for collective impact and collaboration across the preventive medicine ecosystem in the three domains (education, health care, policy).

Tobacco Cessation Roadmap Resources

View our roadmap resources and download the information to learn more.


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