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MOC Part 4 Program: Pre-existing Quality Improvement Projects

Diplomates enrolled with ACPM’s pre-existing Quality Improvement Program must demonstrate that their project meets the following pre-determined standards so that ACPM can ensure that diplomates are not only completing their Part 4s but also meeting ABPM’s expectations.


Step 1: Diplomates considering pre-existing Quality Improvement (QI) projects as part of their Part 4 must submit to ACPM a description of the completed QI project for review and approval prior to enrolling in ACPM MOC Part 4 program. Descriptions should be submitted to Amber Sims-Mowatt (asims@acpm.org). For a pre-existing QI project to be accepted by ACPM, the diplomate must demonstrate the following:

1.1 That the QI project was completed within the company and/or institution in which he/she currently  works or worked during the current MOC cycle and that the diplomate played a substantial role in completion of the QI project.

1.2 That the pre-existing QI project has been reviewed and evaluated by an appropriate institutional authority (someone other than the diplomate) within the 5-year certification cycle. 

1.3 That the QI project contains the necessary elements to evaluate physician’s performance and practice. (i.e., initial evaluation, intervention and re-evaluation)

1.4 That the QI project has clearly stated outcomes (QI project must describe the change in the diplomate’s practice performance).

Step 2: Once the CME/MOC Committee Chair or Vice-Chair has reviewed the pre-existing QI project description and determined that it meets the ACPM basic standards listed above, staff will notify the diplomate so he/she can enroll in ACPM’s MOC Part 4 program.

Step 3: Once the diplomate has successfully enrolled with ACPM, she/he will be responsible for extracting/pulling relevant information from his/her pre-existing QI project and incorporating that information into the Diplomate Practice Assessment Plan (DPAP) for Pre-existing QI Projects so it can be reviewed and evaluated by the ACPM MOC Reviewers. Diplomates will NOT be required to complete one of the ACPM Part 4 tools.

Review Process

During the review process, MOC reviewers will assess the acceptability of the diplomate’s QI project. The following steps will be implemented:

Step 1: If MOC reviewers find the information submitted to be appropriate and satisfactory, they will complete the review form and send it to ACPM.

Step 2: If MOC reviewers find the information submitted by the diplomate to be incomplete or not apparently relevant to the assessment of their practice, reviewers will ask ACPM staff to solicit additional desired information from the diplomate until the documentation submitted is sufficient. MOC reviewers will then complete the review form and send it to ACPM. If the MOC reviewers ultimately find the information submitted by the diplomate to be insufficient, the diplomate will be required to complete his/her MOC Part 4 project through the ACPM Part 4 process. 

Step 3: ACPM will notify the diplomate and ABPM of the successful completion. No further action is required by the diplomate and/or ACPM at this step.

If your Pre-Existing Quality Improvement Project description has been accepted, you may enroll.



To enroll in the ACPM MOC Part 4 process, you need to complete the registration form and pay your MOC Part 4 Fee. After payment, you will be able to download your Diplomate Practice Improvement Plan (DPAP). Completed documents should be sent to Amber Sims-Mowatt (asims@acpm.org). Do not enroll unless your pre-existing quality improvement project description has been accepted.

Fees Member Non-Member
Part 4 Assessment $295 $395


Do not enroll unless your pre-existing quality improvement project description has been accepted.

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