In 2016 alone, more than 64,000 Americans were victims of violent deaths. These deaths include those caused by homicide, suicide, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, gang violence and other causes. In addition to the immense emotional toll these deaths inflicts on families and communities, homicide and suicide cost the U.S. economy $87 billion due to lost work hours and medical expenses.

Better reporting, better data and better research on violent death are essential to inform, improve and implement effective prevention strategies that save lives.

Evidence-Based Violence Prevention Programs

The American College of Preventive Medicine is the convener of the National Violence Prevention Network, a broad-based coalition of local, state and national organizations advocating for the full implementation of the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) in all states, districts and territories of the United States.

Network member organizations work together to generate support for the NVDRS by educating policymakers, other national organizations, and the general public on the benefits of placing multi-

The National Violence Prevention Network also advocates for federal funding in support of research studies that use NVDRS data to inform public policy and public health interventions.