Preventive medicine residency program directors are the heart of our profession. They provide the preventive medicine training that the next generation of aspiring physicians need to achieve, leading the way at the cutting edge of the practice.

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) supports PMR directors by connecting them with fellow directors in programs across the country to share educational resources and best practices, funding strategies, ideas for rotations, and more. ACPM also aids the development of course curricula, unique rotations, and several other areas of importance. Connect with our support system today!

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Resources for Program Directors

ACPM is committed to supporting residency program directors in all facets of their careers. We’re changing the way PMR’s have access to resources so they can better administer their expertise at preventive medicine schools across the country. Our new PMR toolkit is now available, which takes an in-depth look at the steps to set up and run a successful preventive medicine residency program, from securing organizational support and funding, to making sure residents are well-placed in their careers upon graduation.

Advocating for PMR Programs

As the leading advocate for the funding of preventive medicine residency programs in Congress, ACPM is your ongoing support mechanism for policy and action. Discover our advocacy resources that show how you can engage your Congressional leaders to support predictable-sustainable funding for preventive medicine.

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Holistic Recruitment Resourses

Ensuring Fairness in Medical Education Assessment

Strategies to Counteract Impact of Harmful Bias in Selection of Medical Residents

Holistic Recruitment Toolkit


If you believe in our mission for disease, disability, and death prevention, we invite you to join with us as a professional resource, and to receive additional informative resources from our organization. ACPM is honored to serve as the home for preventive medicine professionals, including those that operate leading preventive medicine residency programs.

We also invite you to view more about opportunities and resources for residents and PMR directors, including:

As members, we continue to move forward together for preventive medicine advancement. We appreciate any and all donations to continue to add to our knowledge hub. Have questions or want to speak with one of our member representatives? Email us today at or call (202) 466-2044 for more information.