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Corporate Roundtable
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The American College of Preventive Medicine Corporate Roundtable is an ongoing forum for mission-aligned private sector organizations to discuss and advance issues of shared interest with the College.

ACPM is the nation’s sole medical specialty organization primarily focused on prevention and public health. It strives to improve health promotion, disease prevention, public health and evidence-based health care quality improvement for both individuals and populations. ACPM’s almost 2,700 physician members (view member profile) have both individuals and populations as their "patients” and, as such, oversee policies, practices and resources that can impact health, health care delivery and corporate productivity.

The intent of the Corporate Roundtable is to foster communication between ACPM and Corporate Roundtable members about topics of mutual interest. Corporate Roundtable members meet twice annually, once in September at ACPM headquarters in Washington, DC and once at the Preventive Medicine conference held each year in February.

With great appreciation, ACPM acknowledges the generosity of our
2016 Corporate Roundtable members

In its transactions with Corporate Roundtable members and other industry partners, ACPM commits that its educational activities, scientific programs, products, services and advocacy positions are independent of Company influence, and, likewise, ACPM in no way endorses the products or services of said Companies. ACPM has developed and adopted its own Guidelines for Relationships Between ACPM and Private Corporations, and endorsed the CMSS Code for Interactions with Companies to foster such independence.


ACPM Board of Regents & Corporate Roundtable
ACPM Headquarters in Washington, DC

Issues that Corporate Roundtable members and ACPM address include:
  • Educational and programmatic support for employers (both health and non-health related organizations) related to health, health care management, employee fitness and corporate productivity;
  • Improving the delivery of clinical preventive services by clinicians within both established and new, innovative care systems;
  • Advancing policy and advocacy issues (e.g., improving coverage for preventive services, tobacco cessation, nutrition, physical activity, healthy communities, corporate wellness, and linkages);
  • Addressing emerging issues identified by CR members that might benefit from ACPM study, application of existing best practices, or joint proposals to interested funding entities for analysis or improvement;
  • Developing new educational resources in changing disciplines, including infectious disease management, environmental health, cardiovascular fitness and lifestyle medicine.
Resources and Information:
Please contact Maureen Simmons at msimmons@acpm.orgor 505-220-0605 to learn more about how your organization can benefit from joining the ACPM Corporate Roundtable.

Dexter Shurney

Cummins Inc.

I’m Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH, and Chief Medical Director/Executive Director Global Health/Wellness at Cummins Inc. With nearly 60,000 employees, Cummins is one of the largest employers planning to put the competencies of Lifestyle Medicine into the hands of primary care providers as soon as possible. This year, Cummins will require that all primary care providers working in any of its worksite clinics become certified in Lifestyle Medicine. We are building an onsite, state of the art, lifestyle clinic, the Cummins LiveWell Center, which will focus on a lifestyle approach to care for the prevention and treatment of illness for all active Cummins employees and their dependents. LiveWell Center physicians will be required to be certified in Lifestyle Medicine. The core focus will be on lifestyle and shared decision-making to empower employees to be owners of their health and masters of their health destiny.

Over the last decade, it’s become widely appreciated that the leading causes of death for adults in the United States are largely avoidable and related to lifestyle. Poor diets, lack of physical activity, tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption have led to the majority of chronic diseases that plague our society. Moreover, there is convincing evidence that Lifestyle Medicine, using lifestyle as a treatment, has tremendous capacity to alleviate and even reverse many of our nation’s most common chronic illnesses.

As Chief Medical Director/Executive Director Global Health/Wellness I am passionate about implementing a lifestyle medicine-focused wellbeing initiative at Cummins and taking an evidence-based therapeutic approach to prevent, treat, and even reverse lifestyle-related chronic disease, thereby decreasing illness burden and improving clinical outcomes within value-based medicine. ACPM and Cummins share a commitment to preventive and lifestyle medicine, one that is committed to transforming healthcare so that self-insurer employers, like you, can help to transform healthcare. I encourage companies to join Cummins and other organizations dedicated to taking a lifestyle approach to care for the prevention and treatment of illness of your employees. Join us in this and join me in beginning a strategic alliance with the ACPM and its partners to work together to develop ways to help prevent chronic diseases that faces our nation's population.

Learn more about ACPM's Lifestyle Medicine Initiative and subscribe to the Lifestyle Medicine newsletter