To borrow a famous line from President Abraham Lincoln who so eloquently described government as “of the people, by the people, for the people …”, this foundational concept of individual engagement shapes a professional membership society. While ACPM has a small and committed staff and an office space in Washington, DC, the heart of the College is represented across the nation – members who lead and work in state and local health departments, academia, health systems, Fortune 100 companies and all levels of government.

Much like the many levels, branches and agencies of government, ACPM has many levels of engagement where members can contribute to the mission of the College. And while our volunteer members might not be establishing a full-on government, they work hard to build a professional home for physicians who share a passion for transforming healthcare systems and advancing individual and population health outcomes.

Here’s how some of your peers are advancing the specialty and building a professional home – of the members, by the members and for the members:

  • Members in the Media – Recognized for their areas of expertise and skills for communicating with the media, media spokespersons are the go-to for media inquiries that allow the College to fully represent the depth and breadth of the specialty and cover a range of topics.
  • Ambassadors – Launched as part of the Vaccine Confident campaign, the Ambassador program has grown to more than 100 ambassadors and has expanded to cover not only vaccine confidence, but also HIV prevention and the This is Preventive Medicine campaign. Ambassadors are trained and learn new skills in communicating on social media and with media outlets.
  • Committees – With more than 100 members actively engaged, ACPM committees develop member programming, professional development, policy statements, practice statements, legislative and advocacy priorities; plan the Preventive Medicine annual conference; and more.
  • Board of Regents – These 12 individuals, selected by the membership, bring a breadth and depth of leadership, experience and dedication to ACPM. Tasked with making the tough decisions, the Board has assumed the fiduciary responsibilities associated with advancing the mission and moving the College forward.
Want to make your mark on the College? Take the first step and identify your areas of expertise in your member profile. Then reach out to to let us know how you would like to engage. From volunteering to submitting an abstract to helping to revise a practice statement and more, we welcome your contributions to the College at any and all levels.

The commitment, and more notably the passion, YOU bring to your role in preventive medicine and public health is commendable. THANK YOU. Thank you for making a difference in individuals, thank you for creating healthier populations and thank you for bringing this conviction to ACPM.

Melissa Ferrari, CAE
Vice President of Membership & Operations
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