Washington, D.C. is all abuzz these days with continuing resolutions, filing forms for the appropriations process for FY25, Hill Days for our colleagues and many stakeholder organizations, and then various bills still making their way through Congress. One bill recently passed through the House (H.R. 766) the Dr. Michael C. Burgess Preventive Health Savings Act (namesake Congressional member who is retiring this year) is a landmark piece of bi-partisan legislation that adjusts the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring methodology for prevention by extending the current 10-year window by 20 more years to a total of 30 years. This extended window of time would enable the CBO to determine if proposed legislation specifically for prevention and preventive health services would reduce overall spending in a more appropriate timeframe and improve health outcomes. This action is critical from both an economic and health perspective enabling investments in prevention to realize their potential cost savings while improving the nation’s health.

In 2019, as part of our stakeholder engagement strategy for the Power of Prevention campaign, we embarked on over five convening sessions with over 75 stakeholder organizations to reach consensus on what it would take to ensure a health system based on the tenets of prevention. One of the four recommendations was to address the CBO scoring methodology. While this might seem trite at face value, this is a HUGE step forward to ensuring that bills supporting evidence-based prevention are seriously considered as viable and wise investments. The passage of H.R. 766 is a monumental step forward in turning our sick-care system into one that promotes wellness with prevention at the center. The door has been opened to engage in meaningful dialogue on this important action. So, if you are one of the over 100 registrants attending ACPM’s Hill Day on April 16, please be sure to acknowledge this legislation, especially in meetings with Senate staff as this legislation has passed the House, along with the familiar HRSA funding request to increase the viability of preventive medicine residency programs. If you are not joining us on our Hill Day, you can still make your voice heard through our ACPM Action Center, where you can write to Congress and voice your support for Preventive Medicine Residency Funding for FY25.

Also, while in Washington, D.C. for Preventive Medicine 2024 (if you haven’t yet registered, please do so here), plan to take advantage of all that the city offers. The hotel is near the Zoo if you have family joining you, and the Metro is close (and safe/clean) to take you to the many Smithsonian Museums and Monuments. We have over 575 registrants thus far, so you will be in great company with your fellow preventive medicine physicians reconnecting with friends and colleagues as well as making new friends and connections. ACPM staff is excited to be with you and to hear many of you present new research and to discuss your work as well as hear what more we can do to make your experience as a member more meaningful. Committee meetings will be occurring throughout the conference, so be sure to register to attend and “kick the tires” to see if you want to join or partake in a committee bringing your passion and interests forward to advance the ACPM mission.

See you in two weeks,

Donna Grande, MGA

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