Lately I have been reflecting on the words of wisdom shared by Dr. Jonathan Fielding in his Katharine Boucot Sturgis’ lecture from Preventive Medicine 2023. Dr. Fielding strongly expressed his hope that ACPM and preventive medicine physicians continue to be the truth tellers of science, evidence-based medicine and public health. This reflection was inspired by my binge watching of “The Newsroom” with Jeff Daniels and his desire to create and offer a news station that leads with integrity, to only relay facts to the public — not to sensationalize news for the sake of entertainment value or financial interests — to be the truth tellers and upholders of the creed for all journalists. This mantra of integrity is the spirit and essence of preventive medicine — you, our members, are the foundation upon which truth is shared, evidence-based science is communicated to the public and the principles of the specialty are grounded in facts and sound science.

For readers of this article and other news we share at ACPM, if you are a board-certified physician and are seeking a group of like-minded physicians with whom you can share testimonies of the experiences you have had and align with the values of preventive medicine, then join forces and secure your membership in ACPM. You do not need to be boarded in preventive medicine to join the College; you must merely share the values and be boarded in another one of the many specialty boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. This engagement with the College will allow ACPM to be stronger and even more vocal on strategies to advance prevention and preventive medicine.

Plan to check out the membership at the upcoming annual conference scheduled for April 18-21, in Washington, D.C. Register to attend and learn about Leadership in Medicine and Public Health by many expert scientists, academicians and leaders across medicine and public health who will share their stories as well as their scientific discoveries and experiences across various levels of public health — from local public health to international impacts — there is something for everyone interested in the intersection of medicine and public health and leadership in both.

As you already know, our country needs more physicians grounded in preventive medicine to address the current needs and prepare for what lies ahead. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently convened experts to explore what may be needed for “Disease X” — the unknown disease that may be around the corner and could be more dangerous than COVID-19. Preventive medicine physicians are trained in preparedness and response and with that training could offer every public health department and hospital across this country knowledge and expertise to assess and prepare for the future. The country would benefit from more physician leaders grounded in evidence-based science to communicate information to meet the public’s needs. Will you join us to be a force multiplier in the many efforts to create a nation grounded in health and well-being — grounded in evidence-based science? Will you lend your voice on Capitol Hill to advocate for necessary changes to ensure our country can be prepared for what lies ahead? Register as part of your PM2024 registration to attend Hill Day on April 17 to gain experience meeting with your elected officials in Congress and share your experiences and expertise to help them understand the nuances of a preventive medicine physician. This will be an extremely rewarding experience and the photos of the entire group on Capitol Hill will be a treasured memory for the College for years to come.

Thank you for offering your spirit, energy and commitment to the specialty and to ACPM. The incredible team at our Washington, D.C., office is passionate about public health and are working hard to ensure our membership value proposition is clear, embraced and meets your individual needs.

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon in D.C.,
Donna Grande, MGA
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