Dear ACPM Members,

Hopefully, you had a wonderful holiday and were able to carve out the important time to rest, relax and enjoy family and friends to return to work refreshed, renewed and revitalized for adventures that lie ahead.

The holidays are always a time of reflection for me. A time to review the year behind and what lies ahead — as well as to plan almost every step for the year ahead. Yes, I am one of “those people.” As I reflect on the past year, I wonder at the incredible team we have at ACPM and the many accomplishments and contributions of our members. Many preventive medicine physicians have given so much of their time and talents to advance the ACPM mission as well as amplify the importance of preventive medicine as a specialty and contribute to the field through their own expertise and personal interests.

A few acknowledgements:

  • Dr. Kevin Sherrin’s article, entitled “Recommendations for Population-Based Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Position Statement by the American College of Preventive Medicine”, was selected as the AJPM Focus 2022 Article of the Year — and, announced just last month. Congratulations, Dr. Sherrin and thank you for leading this important effort.
  • Last month, Dr. Peter Rumm received the Veterans Administration Service Award from the Secretary of the VA for his policy work and leadership. He received a medal, plaque and pin honoring him for his incredible service. Congratulations, Dr. Rumm.
  • Dr. Ayanna Buckner wrote her first novel, The Gardins of Edin, which will launch on January 9 at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History in Atlanta. She uses a pen name — Rosey Lee — as homage to the inspirational women in her family. I read it over the holiday (thank you for sharing an advance copy) and hope you can secure a copy for your own enjoyment. Congratulations, Dr. Buckner on this tremendous accomplishment and thank you for giving me a wonderful and enjoyable read over the holidays — truly a delight.
  • Dr. Michael Crupain continues to promote his third book — a cookbook called, The Power Five, which is scheduled for intense promotions in January. For members in the Washington, DC area, you can get a signed copy of the book and visit with Dr. Crupain on January 10 at Bold Fork Books. Congratulations, Dr. Crupain.
The above acknowledgements are just a small sample of the great work of preventive medicine physicians and the diversity of their work and contributions to the specialty.

As you receive awards or recognition in your own circles, I hope you will share them with us here at the College so we can inform your peers of your accomplishments. Every success of one individual inspires the work for others, so please don’t be too humble to encourage others through your own successes.

With the launch of a new year, comes new goals and aspirational challenges that I trust we will each embrace to continue to grow, evolve and improve and to ensure the world in which we live can thrive and the people around us can achieve optimal health.

I look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C., at the upcoming annual conference, Preventive Medicine 2024, and hope you register before the early bird rate concludes at the end of this month.

Wishing you continued success in 2024,

Donna Grande 


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