Program equips preventive medicine physicians with resources and information to help communicate the mission-critical work they do for improving population health

NEW ORLEANS, LA (March 20, 2023) – Today, the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) kicked off This is Preventive Medicine, a new signature program designed to elevate the mission-critical work of preventive medicine physicians. Launched during ACPM’s 2023 Preventive Medicine conference, the largest gathering of public health trained preventive medicine physicians in the U.S., the ongoing campaign will address the most critical and timely health issues and interventions needed today.
This is Preventive Medicine comes at a time when significant health challenges, such as the increase in ongoing chronic diseases, substance use disorder, the long-lasting impact of COVID-19, and the threat of future pandemics, are on the rise. The campaign will better position preventive medicine physicians to advocate for a seat at the table where key decisions, new policies, studies, and solutions for key health challenges are made.
“Population health, patient safety, equitable distribution of healthcare resources and quality care should always be at the forefront of the health discussion. However, the current healthcare ecosystem is broken, the high cost of healthcare is unsustainable, and there are vast omissions of care provided to marginalized communities across the U.S.,” said Donna Grande, CEO of the American College of Preventive Medicine. “This is Preventive Medicine is designed to create a dialogue with key audiences about why the profession is key to preventing disease, disability, and death by promoting health and well-being in patients, communities, and populations. We understand that to advance health for all, preventive medicine physicians need a seat at the tables where solutions are being discussed and planned at both the hospital and health department levels across this country.”
The campaign will leverage ACPM's 2,000+ members to help tell the story in a wide range of settings:  from the lab to leadership roles in hospitals and health systems, the board room, the halls of government, and other environments where their unique expertise drives mission-critical work to improve population health.  To help ACPM members serve as program Ambassadors, This is Preventive Medicine includes an interactive resource center that houses audience-specific tools to help preventive medicine physicians communicate the value of their profession to key audiences. In addition to the resource center, the program also features a centerpiece video that showcases the role of preventive medicine and the importance of the physicians trained in the specialty.
The program was developed after surveying ACPM's more than 2,000 members in late 2022 to glean their insights on the profession and specifically, the specialty. The research showed most preventive medicine physicians chose the specialty for the opportunity to play a role in disease prevention and healing (73%), to serve both individuals and communities (64%), and improve the overall healthcare system (55%).
This is Preventive Medicine will support these aspects of the profession by helping preventive medicine physicians communicate the role they play across a variety of sectors and across important audiences, including broader academia, medical students, policymakers, public health and the hospital community.
About ACPM & Preventive Medicine
The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is a professional medical society of approximately  2,000 physicians dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of individuals, families, communities and populations through disease prevention and health promotion.
Preventive medicine physicians save lives, create healthier communities, and transform our healthcare system.
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