Gratitude comes in many forms and packages as does generosity. As I return from a much-needed vacation, I am extremely grateful for time away to rest, relax and rejuvenate. I am also grateful for the ACPM Board of Regents, the volunteer officers, and committee leadership as well as the talented, capable and dedicated staff — all who enable me to step away to restore and gain fresh perspective.


It continues to awe me how we can accomplish so much with such few staff and resources. But, a small and mighty team can conquer much when there is trust, respect, professionalism, passion and strategic leadership. 
ACPM may be a small organization with membership limited by the pipeline of those entering the field through available and funded residency slots, but the skills, talent, and passion the specialty and the association attracts are awe-inspiring. Take for example, Dr. Jacob Adams, a long-time member of the College who established an endowment to set aside funds to specifically support a resident to attend the ACPM Annual Conference and enable that individual to fully experience what the membership and field of preventive medicine can offer. It is through his generosity, and those inspired by his passion to donate financial resources, that a resident in need of financial travel support can meet other passionate and professional physicians and “find their tribe” to last a lifetime.
It is also through generous contributions of time, money, and innovative insights, such as those of Past President Dr. Bob Carr, who bring forward new ways to engage members and innovators to highlight the creativity and capacity of preventive medicine physicians to develop and create meaningful innovation to mitigate disease and slow rapid growth of chronic diseases. His financial contribution prior to the pandemic launched more than  20 projects in a Hack-a-Thon that resulted in a few project awards highlighting the innovative minds of preventive medicine physicians.
I look forward to seeing the results of the recent membership survey to gain additional insights from what you say you need and what you believe is lacking in what we provide. Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey and offer your insights. It is only through honest input and thoughtful reflection that we can ensure the limited resources available are organized to enable the College to meet the members’ needs and truly offer immeasurable value that comes through a professional network of like-minded individuals. 
So, as we enter the month of a summer solstice, may each of you find time to step away, refresh, renew and rejuvenate your souls so you can continue the good fight of preventive medicine — to ensure optimal health for all is realized.
With a grateful heart and peaceful spirit,
Donna Grande, MGA


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