Dr. Keel is the inaugural recipient of the Jacob and Heather Adams Resident Scholarship.

The American College of Preventive Medicine has a long history of developing and supporting leaders in the field of preventive medicine and beyond. This was on full display at the 2022 ACPM Conference hosted June 15-18 in Denver. I had a wonderful opportunity and experience learning about all the amazing research efforts currently underway by many of our esteemed colleagues from all over North America. 

The conference hosted a platform that allowed the advancement of our insatiable appetite and quest for knowledge by organizing an allstar lineup of speakers and presentations and highlighted the important role that preventive medicine physicians will play in making our nation stronger and healthier. Over the last two years, it is easy to get carried away with the belief that all public health responsibilities revolve around COVID, but that is far from the truth as demonstrated by the conference presentations. We continue to make advancements on the Preventive Medicine frontlines and demonstrate that we have an excellent army of preventive medicine doctors and residents ready to lead the charge. This four-day conference showcased some amazing research while pulling back the curtain, giving first-time attendings, such as myself and the other residents and young physicians, the opportunity to see firsthand how exciting this line of work can be. And how broad the PM paintbrush stoke really is. The opportunities are endless and yet just beginning.    

Well done to the organizers who put on the show! The experience was first class.

I am so honored to have been chosen to be the first Jacob and Heather Adams scholarship recipient. Wow, what an honor and opportunity. I am grateful for Dr. Adams, as he made himself available to assist in my research and poster presentation, but unfortunately, will have to wait until next year to present my findings. I am already looking forward to next year (9 months away). You gave me a chance to participate and without your assistance and scholarship, I would not have been able to attend, but attend I did.  I was excited to be there and I woke up early every morning to attend the advocacy meeting, the membership meeting and even participated in the nature sunrise walk. In the evenings, I attended the networking and skills-building workshops, and as much as I could fit in between them.   I packed every day from beginning to end. It was a blast! I even got to go to my first professional baseball game and watch the local hockey team on TV as they played in the Stanley cup finals. 

The agenda was well thought out and in a logical order, making transitions between the speakers easy to follow, and had so many thought-provoking and educational topics that I thoroughly enjoyed! The online platform via the app was user-friendly and responsive and helped keep my agenda in order.  

The conference was a masterclass in demonstrating how vital the field of preventive medicine can be and allowed for networking and connections that I have been using in my job search. Thank YOU all.   Of note, I have now accepted an offer to be the new Medical Director of the "soon to-be formed" Whole Health and Preventive Medicine Division at the Hampton, Virginia VA hospital. Now begins the onboarding process and hopefully, that will go smoothly.   

It is very easy to see from the passion of the speakers, the friendliness of the attendees, and the organization leadership team that the ACPM is the place to be! And my attendance to the conference ignited a passion in me to become more involved. While not for everyone, those who want to be there are able to flourish and that was on display. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and participate as a Jacob and Heather Scholar. I know Dr. Scutchfield would be/is very proud of my participation and my excitement about my future as a preventive medicine physician. I do hope to stay in touch and continue to follow along as the opportunities present themselves to become more involved with the college. It is very clear after attending the conference that the ACPM trains and supports its members!

Also, I am so grateful to my program director and coordinator for all their support over the last two years and the whole ACPM team for their assistance in helping me be involved and putting on a wonderful conference.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


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