M.A. "Tonette" Krousel Wood, MD, MSPH, FACPM, President, ACPM

PM22, returning to in person for the first time in three years, was, by all accounts a huge success! It was wonderful to really “see” everyone (nearly 450 in attendance), observe the networking, and finally connect in person with colleagues, friends and ACPM. It was a herculean effort by our PM22 Chair and Vice Chair, Drs. Linda Hill and Lisa Miller, respectively, supported by Dr. Angela Mickalide, ACPM’s VP of Programs and Education, and her team working with the PM22 Track Chairs, speakers, moderators, and all ACPM staff to deliver a well-orchestrated event. From plenary and concurrent sessions, committee meetings and task force updates, networking receptions and awards luncheons, poster session presentations, late-night sessions, and exhibits to special events including attending the Rockies Game — (all while implementing safe COVID-19 protocols) attendees were fully engaged and the excitement was palpable! To all who supported PM22 and attended PM22 — THANK YOU!

In opening the session, we shared a moment of silence to reflect on the following:

Lives lost from COVID-19 and the lives saved from prevention measures, including vaccines and new treatments; Lives lost from gun violence and our promise to address the underlying causes, including but not limited to mental health and racism; Loss of our dear colleague, Dr. Douglas Scutchfield and our gratitude for his legacy in public health and preventive medicine.

Our KBS Award winner, Dr. Janine Austin Clayton from the National Institutes of Health, delivered a compelling address integrating the role of preventive medicine in science and highlighting sex and race differences with the great need for the scientific evidence to support medical advances to improve human health and health equity in all communities. Our plenary sessions addressing hot topics of the impact of COVID-19 on preventive services; gun violence; equity, diversity and inclusion; novel leadership partnerships; and cannabis use provided key updates, sparked creative thinking, and offered a roadmap for future engagement. These sessions were balanced with outstanding concurrent sessions and workshops covering an array of preventive medicine topics to advance our field. Throughout the meeting, there was attention to evidence-based and data-driven strategies, to presence and purpose of our specialty, and to our pipeline to future leaders in preventive medicine.

Being together again in Denver reinforced that our quest to achieve “peak performance” as a College will continue to reflect our collective efforts and talents of ACPM that position our organization stronger in the coming years than we are today. We will continue to pursue brand recognition, increase our membership numbers, engage our diverse and talented volunteer leadership, contribute to, and disseminate the evidence that recognizes the role of SDOH in our quest to health equity, foster novel partnerships for a stronger organization, support a grant portfolio that aligns with our mission, and pursue increased funding for Preventive Medicine Residencies. Already looking forward to PM23 — please plan to join us in New Orleans, March 20 – 23, 2023.
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