The past year has been a bit like the path to the Wizard of Oz: lions and tigers and bears, oh my! With so many different events both political and professional, it has been a daunting path to navigate. The news is sprinkled with stories that intentionally withhold the facts, misrepresent the facts or sensationalize events that evoke more distrust, disdain and confusion. Thankfully, we got to the end of our yellow-brick road and were able to hold Preventive Medicine 2022 where we explored issues of misinformation and disinformation, among many other topics, with the experts.   

What a beautiful opportunity to be together in person in Denver and to see so many smiling eyes and faces under the masks.  Watching attendees reconnect, hug, exchange ideas and contacts, and learn so much about key and relevant topics, brought a big smile to my face as well as sheer joy.  
Now on the heels of Independence Day or Freedom Day, it is hard to swallow the backsliding of historical progressive policies that have addressed health access and health equity. Decision-makers are truly influenced by their constituents’ voices and so we continue to encourage each of our members, readers and stakeholders to join in our advocacy efforts to ensure the voice of preventive medicine is also heard and understood.   
I want to personally thank the more than 50 individuals who signed up to become Ambassadors at PM22. This action alone increases our numbers by over 300% - I can’t wait for you to be onboarded and into strategic positions to amplify important messages of ACPM and the power of prevention. I also want to thank and acknowledge the many volunteers who served to ensure the conference had rich content, relevant and diverse speakers as well as opportunities for questions and discussions. PM22 was truly a remarkable event and hopefully enjoyed by all. Please be on the lookout for recordings of all plenary sessions in our online learning management system for those unable to attend in-person to enjoy afterward.   
Additionally, we have a fun reflective series of photos here for you to enjoy as you plan ahead and get excited about the next gathering in New Orleans this coming March. With less than nine months to plan, we welcome more volunteers to step into roles to advance the next experience for students, residents and long-time members—we have some fun plans in the making along with topics of relevance.   
Sending my best … because, because, because, 

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