Humility—how does this show up for you?  On the heels of Memorial Day when we honor U.S. military personnel who have served our country it seems appropriate to focus on this aspect of leadership. To those members who are in the military or who served, thank you for your service to this great nation we call America.   

Humility is but one of several signs of self-awareness — a key ingredient for sound leadership — another includes a growth mindset. This aspect includes an awareness and recognition that there are always opportunities for growth and a willingness to actively seek ways to improve. This is where ACPM comes into play. A professional membership association offers many services to its members and a key asset is volunteerism — an opportunity to offer your skills and expertise to the organization and use the association to grow, learn and improve what are often called “soft skills” or “essential skills” in leadership.    

Are you engaging with ACPM in meaningful ways to advance your career or to sharpen your skills?  Are you aware of all the values of membership ACPM offers?  If not, please reach out to our membership department or let us hear from you in person at Preventive Medicine 2022. At the conference, you can learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and gain new relationships with experts in the field of preventive medicine. And, you can meet the staff who work stridently daily to bring to you high-quality products and experiences that will carve out your career and enhance your professional development. 

Get involved, stay engaged and build your network—that is what it means to be a member of ACPM.   

Thank you for all you do for the profession, the specialty, the organization, and the health of America.   

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