Happy Cinco de Mayo and the National Day of Prayer!  How can it be that we are already in May 2022?! In a little over one month, we will soon be together in Denver to celebrate many exciting accomplishments from colleagues in Preventive Medicine and gain new, cutting-edge knowledge from provocative speakers, sessions and posters.

But, before we look too far ahead, I wanted to take a moment to pause, reflect and acknowledge the ACPM team in Washington, DC and our many volunteers who work tirelessly to advance the ACPM mission.

There was a quote on LinkedIn the other day, “People with great passion can make the impossible happen,” that made me think of ACPM. The team of professionals working so diligently on behalf of preventive medicine as staff and as volunteers truly are an inspiration to me. Passionate people who care deeply about what they do are contagious and inspire each other. 

Are you inspiring the people around you with whom you work, play, live? Are you stepping into the world of possibility as we strive to re-enter a world post-pandemic and one where people truly need inspirational leadership? Think back on the past two years on how you were showing up to your friends, family and co-workers. Were you being the type of leader who focused on the positives or were you in a downward spiral of negative emotions, finding fault, pointing to errors or dragging people down? Courageous leadership steps above the fold and finds the good in all situations and leads with grace and forgiveness. Forgiveness of self (as none of us is perfect) and forgiveness of others as everyone is striving to do their best amid so much around us. 

As we begin to see the COVID-19 transmission rates again ebb and flow, let’s use this time for reflection, for a recharge for the battles that lie ahead—as they will come.  Someone once commented that the only guarantee in life is change, so being resilient, prepared, physically and emotionally strong to respond appropriately are keys to success. So, for today, I offer you a small dose of inspiration: you can do whatever you put your mind to. Stay strong, stay focused, and stay in joy.  Now, go fight your giants with a smile. And, then register to attend Preventive Medicine 2022 so you can recharge with a healthy dose of inspiration from the many preventive medicine leaders across the country who will be in attendance. You need each other and we need you!    

Be well,

Donna Grande, MGA

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