Today I want to use this opportunity to share what the ACPM Membership Committee is doing to support YOU. The work of this committee goes beyond getting people to sign up for membership. Our main goal is to build your professional home, create experiences that help you advance your career and create a welcoming environment for members at all stages of their careers.

Over the last year, we have been working on defining the value of membership and increasing the visibility of the programs and opportunities we already have. We have made a special effort in developing resources for residents, culminating in a two-part orientation session this fall. We received amazing feedback from attendees, and I hope we can continue building connections between residents from every program across the country. I want to use this article to thank Dr. Prasad Acharya for leading these efforts, Dr. Tina Singh and Dr. Wilnise Jasmin for all their work and passion in moving our resident initiatives forward.

Our committee is also in charge of the Fellowship Process of ACPM. Being a Fellow means you are a leader in preventive medicine, and recognizes your invaluable contributions to the specialty and the college. This year, we launched a new platform that simplified the application process and I am delighted to report that we are in the process of reviewing all the applications and might have the largest class of Fellows to date. It is truly an honor to see all the amazing work you are doing, and I am glad we can recognize your dedication to the field.

Finally, I want to thank all the members of our committee (Byron Barksdale, Malika Garg, Wilnise Jasmin, George Lakner, Marco Ruiz, Marcus Rushing, Tamara Sheffield, Tina Singh, Christopher Sullivan, Jamie Sibel, Danielle Craigg, Silvia Caswell, Iram Aman, Scott Keel, Peter Pendergrass) and the staff at ACPM for their work. Their dedication to our members is outstanding and I am confident in the future you will see more opportunities to connect with the College and your colleagues. If you want to learn more about the future or give us insights on how to make your experience better, send me an email (, I want to hear from you.

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