Help shape the course and vision of ACPM as it seeks to promote prevention and transform healthcare by nominating yourself or another Fellow of the College to serve on the Board of Regents.   

ACPM is currently accepting nominations for the following positions on the leadership team of the College: 

  • President-Elect (one) 

  • Regents-at-Large (three) 

Nominations for the 2023 Board of Regents are due October 17. Any ACPM Fellow is eligible to serve on the Board, and Fellows may nominate a peer or self-nominate. For additional details and to submit a nomination visit our website here

Terms for the elected positions will begin at the annual meeting, Preventive Medicine 2023, March 19-23 in New Orleans. President-Elect position is a two-year term, with an automatic transition to a two-year term as President immediately following. Regents-at-Large serve for three-year terms and, upon completion of the initial term, have the option to run for a second three-year term. 

All submitted nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee.  The Committee will select a slate of candidates based on established criteria — one person for each available position. This slate will be presented to the membership in December and voting members will have the opportunity to either approve or reject the slate as a whole during the voting period of one month (roughly mid-December to mid-January).  A Townhall will be held in before the voting period to present the candidates and their qualifications and give members the opportunity to pose questions. 

ACPM encourages the nomination of all Fellows, including those who are earlier in their career, for the Board of Regents. ACPM is committed to diversity on its Board and would like increased representation of women, minorities and geographic locations outside of the East Coast, and ask these factors are considered when making nominations. 

The Committee also strives to ensure the Board has a balance across four key competency domains: leadership skills, professional skills, specialty discipline and board certification, and diverse work settings.  The Committee also seeks representation of leaders with the following skills and knowledge base: 

  • Strategic communication, messaging and marketing; skills aligned with the current strategic priority of the College to increase the visibility of our profession, particularly in the areas of public health and healthcare transformation. 

  • Public health and clinical informatics; specialties that reflect the College’s priority to expand membership to practitioners in preventive medicine fields that are part of ABPM board certification but are underrepresented in College membership.  

  • Healthcare system and insurance/payor administration; experience that supports the College’s mission of influencing public health and transforming healthcare, requiring a deep understanding of how healthcare systems and payor organizations work. 

ACPM transitioned to a slate-based election process in 2018 following months of deliberations by the former Strategy and Board Development Committee. As compared to direct election, a slate-based was determined to have several advantages, particularly for a relatively small organization, including the opportunity to align selection of leadership with the organization’s competency-based approach to governance. If the membership rejects the proposed slate, a competitive election with additional candidates will be scheduled.

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