In an effort to capture the voice of the profession as they work to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, APCM is offering members of our community the opportunity to publish posts on our blog, which will be promoted widely through our network.

Preventive medicine physicians stand as the first line of defense against pandemic disease, and their voice is an important one to hear during the pandemic, and as we take a reckoning of its aftermath and plan to prevent the next. 

  • Blogs should cover topics relevant to COVID-19: pandemic response, public health administration, virology, pandemic prevention, testing, and screening etc. 
  • Blogs should be 1200 words or less. 
  • Authors can submit blogs expressing their personal opinion, noting the views do not reflect those of their organization.
  • ACPM reserves the right to edit the blogs for grammar, style, and spelling. Edits to substantive content will be reviewed with the original author for approval. 
  • Submitted blogs will be shared on ACPM’s website and promoted across ACPM’s social media channels. 
  • ACPM will publish as many blog posts as possible, but not all submitted blogs will be published. 

If you are interested in submitting a blog, reach out to

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