The American College of Preventive Medicine opposes any effort to prematurely end social distancing as a national strategy to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are alarmed that the President is seriously considering ending social distancing in favor of a short-term economic boost. This is a decision that will cost lives.
The American College of Preventive Medicine believes the focus needs to be on prevention and public health. We recommend three immediate actions:
  1. Secretary Azar and CDC Director Redfield must immediately refocus the communications and decision-making for public health response recommendations back to the public health and medical experts within the Department of Health and Human Services and its agencies.
  2. The federal government must use established decision making processes, including the official CDC Planning and Decision Making Process (PDMP) facilitation system to develop timelines and data-based triggers for implementing and reversing different social distancing interventions.
  3. CDC should issue clear testing guidance for state and local health departments to manage growing public demand.
We can make a positive impact on the course of this pandemic, doing so will reqiure commitment from all parts of society to follow the guidance of public health experts
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