Karissa Becknel

Karissa Becknel Program Manager, Programs and Grants

Karissa, an honors graduate of Howard University with a BSc in Health Education and McGill University with an MSc in Physiology, is a Program Manager, Programs and Grants, at the American College of Preventive Medicine. Bringing a comprehensive approach to preventive medicine grounded in health education, physiology, and enterprise, her diverse academic background supports a holistic approach to preventive medicine. Esteemed for her critical analysis skills and creativity, Karissa ensures ACPM's initiatives are statistically robust and engaging, addressing the comprehensive needs of the communities served.

After transitioning from a pivotal role in a health tech startup, Karissa sought more significant challenges and direct impact in healthcare services at ACPM. As a strong advocate for health education and health equity, she aims to incorporate this often overlooked perspective into healthcare services. Her unique blend of experiences uniquely positions her to drive transformative changes in preventive medicine.