Joseph P. Iser

Joseph P. Iser, MD, DrPH, MSc, FACPM Regent-at-Large

Dr. Joseph Iser is the recently retired Chief Health Officer for the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), and a member of the ACPM Board of Regents. Dr. Iser has had a 40-year career in public health as a provider, staff member and leader. His range of experience includes the U.S. Public Health Service and a progressively larger list of public health departments and districts. In addition to his role as the Chief Health Officer, Dr. Iser also launched a new Preventive Medicine Residency program while at the SNHD and maintains his role at President
Dr. Iser received his medical degree from the University of Kansas and is board certified in internal medicine, general preventive medicine and public health and occupational medicine, with a broad background in primary care, public health, and medical education