Preventive Medicine Jobs

The scope of preventive medicine in today’s industry continues to expand. With the demand for prevention higher than ever, the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) makes it a point to provide members with resources to understand where those needs live and how they can position themselves to achieve their career goals. Access resources that will help your career development and learn more about the importance of the industry as a whole.

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Types of Resources

Preventive medicine physicians are well equipped to fill a wide variety of healthcare jobs, with roles ranging from the clinical space to research and health systems administration. ACPM provides a wide range of resources to help our members understand where their interests may be, and how their skills and credentials as preventive medicine physicians can serve them on their career journeys. 

The following resources are those that apply to U.S. preventive medicine careers.

Provided are two main categories of resources that can be downloaded and reviewed as you prepare for advancements in your career:
  • Credential Resources – These pieces of information cover the various credentials and accreditations available. It includes the organizations that standardize these privileges and competencies.  
  • Practice Resources – You will find key discussion points, research, and more about the state of the industry for preventative medicine physicians and recent graduates of residency programs.
While we offer these resources specific to our members, we also have many other professional development resources available, as well.


All ACPM members are physicians, trainees and health care allies who believe in improving the lives of patients through disease prevention and health promotion. We have a strong constituency, decorated with professional achievements, such as medical awards and many additional accolades. Whether you are a recent graduate or a resident, our organization and the members who are a part of it can help put you on track to the preventative medicine job you’ve been waiting for.

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