For men in North America, prostate cancer is the most common cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer-related death. Thankfully, screening measures and powerful treatment tools can detect, treat and cure prostate cancer. The challenge comes from understanding and using these prostate cancer prevention tools appropriately. The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is furthering the discussions around standardizing prostate cancer screening and prevention guidelines.

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Better Defining Prostate Exam Treatments and Processes

Guidelines on prostate cancer screening and treatment widely vary among different professional organizations. ACPM is working to clarify these guidelines to help physicians and patients make the right decisions at the right time about their course of care.

Our efforts include:
  • Construction of best practices for Shared Decision Making (SDM) processes to better address the uncertainties and complexities of when to get tested for prostate cancer and how to administer testing.
  • Collaborating with leaders in the field of prostate cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to help develop a series of prostate cancer decision aids that help physicians and patients through this process. 

ACPM Prostate Cancer Decision Aids

Prostate cancer decision aids are an essential tool to help guide screening and treatment for prostate cancer. Effective prevention, early detection and right-sized treatment responses can help reduce the burden of prostate cancer on health systems and help patients lead healthier lives.

Here is how these prostate cancer screening and treatment guidelines aid medical professionals: 
  • They incorporate information about benefits and harms of screening.
  • They include consideration of individual patient risks.
  • They consist of provider tools and materials, as well as patient tools and materials. 
  • They facilitate a dialogue among patients and their providers that will promote shared decision making based on the best available information regarding benefits, harms, and individual risks.

Prostate Cancer Prevention Resources

View the latest resources on prostate cancer prevention, including information on early screening for prostate cancer, and other decision aids, as well as studies with modern guidance for physicians and their patients. You can also easily search for resources by typing in your desired keyword.


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