The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is seeking members to serve as expert faculty to develop Continuing Medical Education (CME) population health courses. If you are a preventive medicine physician with expertise in population health and a passion for educating others, we encourage you to apply!

The deadline to apply has been extended to January 14!

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Population Health Course Curriculum

ACPM is continuing to develop the Population Health Integration Curriculum. We seek to engage ACPM members to serve as faculty to develop a course on the following topic: 

Using Clinical Preventive Medicine to Improve Population Health Outcomes in Rural Areas

ACPM is seeking 1-2 expert faculty members for the course. These evidence-based courses will build on the foundation in population health. Through case studies, course work will help physicians evaluate and effectively integrate population level strategies within health systems and other work settings to improve the health of high-risk populations.

All curriculum and individual courses are available through ACPM’s online learning platform.

Why Serve as Faculty?

  • Develop courses and disseminate knowledge to integrate population health strategies within various practice settings.

  • Develop courses to address and prevent chronic diseases using systems-based approaches and improvements to lifestyle.

  • Network with other experts in the field.

  • Pilot the course through an online webinar and engage with members.

  • Receive faculty compensation for developing the courses.

  • Earn professional development.

Selection Criteria

Please read the selection criteria carefully prior to submitting the application. The following requirements must be met to be considered for selection:

  1. Be a current ACPM member.

  2. Develop, pilot, review, finalize, and deliver 1-1.5 hour(s) course instruction within a prescribed timeline.

  3. Have subject matter expertise in at least two or more of the following areas:

    1. Implicit bias among healthcare professionals and its impact on high-risk populations.

    2. Strategies to address implicit bias at the clinical and health-system levels.

    3. Social and structural determinants of health that can impact implicit bias.

    4. Role of preventive medicine physicians in addressing structural racism.

  4. Be a subject matter expert in at least two of the following cross-cutting areas:  

    1. Obtaining leadership buy-in and managing consensus among team members.

    2. Data collection, use, and analyses.

    3. Performance and quality metrics.

    4. Provider reimbursement through emerging payment models and/or and delivery system reform models.

    5. Provider or patient facing health information technology.

    6. Value -based care payment models and provider reimbursement.

    7. Effective communication.

    8. Coalition and partnership-building.

    9. Implementation strategies.

  5. Experience in developing evidence-based curriculum is preferred but not required.

Apply Now

To Apply: Ensure that you meet the selection criteria and complete the application form listed below no later than Friday, January 14, 2022. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.



Our organization believes in the education of our membership in preventive medicine and population health. With expertise from industry professionals, we are able to provide better resources and training, which in turn improves our communities. Do you have an interest serving in a population health faculty position? Become an ACPM member, today and talk with us about your experience!

ACPM also continues to grow with an expanding knowledge hub, thanks to generous donations from our membership and supporters.

For more information about ACPM or to learn more regarding available faculty positions, send us an email at or call (202) 466-2044.