As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, human behavior is complicated, and health behaviors are no exception. The good news is that behavioral science offers a number of evidence-based theories, models and tools that can help move individuals and societies along a pathway to better health. This webinar will cover foundational concepts from fields such as social marketing, behavioral economics and human-centered design, with applied examples and practical tips for health care workers.

Featured Speaker: Gael O’Sullivan, MBA

Gael O’Sullivan, MBA has over 25 years of experience applying health communication, behavior change, and social and commercial marketing skills to projects addressing family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, chronic disease prevention, and child health issues. She has led successful multi-year health communication projects and research activities throughout the developing world.  Ms. O’Sullivan has published a breadth of academic and programmatic work, including publications in Social Marketing Quarterly and the Journal of Health Communication, and has presented at professional fora including USAID’s Mini-University and regional and global social marketing meetings. 

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