Join ACPM to advocate for the critical importance of preventive medicine physicians and the urgent need for sufficient and sustained funding for preventive medicine residency programs. Your voice has the power to make change: last year, our advocacy outreach led to the first funding increase for PMR programs in the federal budget in more than 10 years. This year, it’s time to build on that momentum.

ACPM is organizing meetings between preventive medicine physicians and members of Congress to educate them on the key role preventive medicine plays in our health care system at the intersection of clinical practice and public health. Participants will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with their elected representatives, build their advocacy skills and support the future of preventive medicine. 

By advocating in Congress for sufficient and sustainable funding for the residency programs, we can help train the next generation of preventive medicine physicians and ensure the future health care workforce understands the immense value and importance of prevention. 

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