Every year, only half of accredited Preventive Medicine residency positions are filled, largely due to lack of funding, and many residency programs are one budget fluctuation away from having to close more residency positions or close the program entirely. Over the past year, we have seen the consequences of a chronically underfunded, undersupported and understaffed public health infrastructure. To prevent future pandemics, improve health equity, combat the ongoing chronic disease epidemic and transform our healthcare system to create resilient communities, we will need a physician workforce that understands key public health and population health concepts. This starts with supporting and expanding Preventive Medicine residency opportunities for the next generation of physician leaders. 

We hope you'll lend your time, energy and expertise to asking Congress to appropriate increased funding in the HRSA budget to support these residency programs training the next generation of Preventive Medicine physician-leaders. 

Our Hill Day will be on Tuesday, March 16, and will be conducted virtually over the phone and via video-conference. Additional meetings can be scheduled for March 17 and 18, depending on the availability of all participants.