Preventive Medicine 2020 Full Conference Package

Course Details

Course Details

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    Preventive Medicine 2020 Full Conference Package
    Cardiovascular Health in Rural America: Challenges and Opportunities
    COVID 19 Vaccine Development – A high stakes global effort
    Towards Community Resiliency and Wellbeing: Roadmaps for Addressing Trauma and Advancing Equity
    The Need for Digital Health in Training
    Innovating Preventive Medicine Training
    Power of Prevention—Seize the Moment and Prepare for the Future
    Primary Care Transformation - Redesigning a System that Empowers Patients, Engages Providers, and Delivers on Health and Wellness
    Prioritizing Health Gain Over Weight Loss with Lifestyle Medicine
    Expanding the Boundaries of Health Care Systems - Social Determinants and Community-oriented Health Care Delivery
    Lifestyle Medicine Education from Public Health to Specialist Level in the US and Internationally
    Emerging Vaccine Issues During Public Health Emergencies
    Predictive Modeling Near- and Long-term Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Building Capacity for Standardized Social Determinant of Health Data Collection: Using PRAPARE and ESDC to Address Health Inequities
    USPSTF Update and Closing Evidence Gaps
    Nurturing a Culture of Value-Based Care through Innovative Engagement
    Creating a Culture of Health from a Culture of Health Disparities
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    16 MOC Credits

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    ACPM Subscriber:560.00
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Preventive Medicine 2020 Full Conference Package

About the Program

Preventive Medicine 2020 Online brought together leaders from medicine and public health to examine the most pressing issues in healthcare today, and how the Nation’s healthcare system can be transformed around prevention. This virtual meeting offered high-quality medical education programming, networking opportunities, and the recognition of the best in the profession.

The meeting was organized around critical topics including innovations in community health, public health policy, evidence and practice, health systems transformation and lifestyle medicine. Each meeting day was themed around two critical topics, with distinct sessions addressing shared themes in the practice of prevention.


Preventive Medicine 2020 Online focused on big, bold, upstream ideas and the people, places, and programs that are making them a reality today. Transformation is only possible with a clear vision, audacious goals, an innovative mindset, and the will to implement new policy and practice, honestly evaluate change, and engage stakeholders at every level.

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