Board Review Course (BRC) Practice Exam

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Course Details

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    Board Review Course (BRC) Practice Exam
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Board Review Course (BRC) Practice Exam

About the Program

Practice answering 125 questions of similar format and content to the exam and get quick feedback on how well you assimilated review course content. Answer explanations written by course faculty are included. This is a general practice exam that includes core content, it does not include specialty-specific content.

Practice Exam Details:
  • After your purchase has been processed, you may download the instructions document with the exam link included.
  • You will have a cumulative time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes to answer 125 practice exam questions.
  • You may log in and out of the practice exam as many times as you wish.
  • Before submitting your responses, you will have the ability to print the exam questions, answers, and explanations.
  • Your practice exam will be graded, and a pdf of the results sent to the email provided at purchase. The results will contain explanations for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Your exam will be graded one time. Additional exam attempts are purchased separately.
  • Please note, there is no "passing score". This exam is primarily a learning tool to support your preparation for the exam.

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $50 and will be made only upon written notification of cancellation received prior to taking the exam. No refunds will be made after exam has been taken.

This Practice Exam is a tool designed to help you assess how well you assimilated the Board Review Course material by answering questions under Board Exam-like conditions. The Board Review Course faculty does not have access to ABPM Board Examination questions.
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