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Inspired for the Future
Donna Grande
Executive Director's Update
September 2018

As I approach my fourth month as the Executive Director of ACPM, I continue to marvel at the passion for prevention exhibited by our members, staff, and volunteer leaders. ACPM is truly a remarkable organization and Preventive Medicine is a very special profession that impacts societal health in many ways—innovation, policy, and evidence-based practice to name a few.

One thing I’ve noted, is that the future of the specialty can be viewed in two ways: complacency with the status quo or invigoration for the possibilities that lie ahead. It is in this spirit that I call on our members to re-engage: to actively seek out new members, call on past members to rejoin, and re-ignite the flame for the future.

There is no more critical time to advance the Preventive Medicine than now; 50 percent of our members and 76 percent of our Fellows are over the age of 50 years. One doesn’t have to do the math to see that we need a pipeline of energetic, engaged and inspired physicians to fill the many needs for population health and to volunteer their time and expertise to advance the mission of the College.

Soon you will be receiving your renewal notices along with invitations to join a committee and to participate in the plans for our annual meeting. We have identified the two co-chairs, Dr. Celeste Philip and Dr. Michael Crupain—two stellar leaders already engaged in creating a unique experience—so be sure to mark your calendars for May 20-23, 2019 and plan to join us in Pittsburgh, PA.

Among other competencies, leadership requires courage, vision and clarity. The first three months have enabled me to meet one-on-one with staff, Board members, committee chairs and external partners, colleagues, corporate sponsors, and roundtable members, as well as other leaders in healthcare. These meetings have given me time to assess the competencies, needs and opportunities to better align our assets, organize our resources, and position us for an impactful future.

With new leadership comes change. To this effect I have reorganized the staffing structure of the College to better reflect the strategic plan, to align our work for greater impact and efficiency, and offer clarity for the staff. With some of these adjustments came the departure of two beloved members of the team whose positions were eliminated. Business decisions drove the need to eliminate the positions held by Dave Dauphinais and Wanda Manson—two individuals who we celebrate for their many contributions over time.  To position us for the future, I’ve secured and hired Stephanie Marshall to serve as our Vice President of Communications and Development. Stephanie brings years of experience in strategic communications, policy as well as a firm understanding of health and healthcare having worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I encourage you to read her bio now available on the website.

The future is so bright for ACPM. We have incredible staff talent, amazing partners and allies, and passionate leaders and members who care deeply about prevention and population health. And, the time is ripe for advancing the voice of PM.

We also have much to share about accomplishments these past three months.

  • Received notice of award from CDC that our proposal was accepted and that we are now on the ‘approved vendor’ list of organizations eligible for further funding for the next five years. Under that cooperative agreement mechanism, we developed and submitted eight proposals to CDC for additional funding to advance various aspects of our work and their needs. We should hear outcomes by the end of the month on each of these proposals. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • Conducted the Healthy Aging Summit in July in partnership with ODPHP and the Office of Women’s Health. Over 600 leaders in the aging issue convened in Washington, DC to share the latest science and explore ways to keep Americans healthy as they age.
  • Launched our new learning management system to enable us to better prepare, position, develop and launch new educational products in a user-friendly manner. It is my hope that you have explored the new course catalog and signed up for a course to experience the transformation first hand. We welcome your feedback, so be sure to share your thoughts and observations by contacting us at education@acpm.org if we need to make any additional tweaks to the system.
  • Conducted the Board Review Course in Baltimore, MD with over 100 attendees. The course included two new faculty who did a great job and an amazing curriculum! I attended two of the five days to better understand the course, delivery, and opportunities to repurpose some of the content to meet the educational needs of our members. Kudos to Dr. Jill Waalen, Dr. Mirza Rahman, and others who are so engaged with this important part of the PM journey.
  • Implemented the In-Service Exam with over 400 participants. Dave Dauphinais and Dr. Jill Waalen have done a wonderful job with this program and soon Residency Program Directors will be hearing from Anita Balan with the results.
  • Attended meetings with the USPSTF, AAMSE, AHIP, AAMC, ACHE, ACHP, ACSM, CMSS, ASTMH, AMA, NACCHO, ASTHO, APHA, APTR, ACOEM, ASMA, ABPM, ABLM, ACLM, AJPM, NACDD, NAM, NIA, NMA, NLC, SOPHE—now, if that isn’t alphabet soup!
  • Implemented opportunities to meet with our members when ‘on the road.’ We will be hosting a meet up networking opportunity at the upcoming ASTHO, ACLM, and APHA meetings.

Finally, we held our first staff retreat to engage in the tenets of a high-performing team and to map out our Q4 and 2019 gameplan to accomplish the goals in the strategic plan. Stay tuned for more updates during your committee meetings and in the months ahead.

Yours in gratitude and health—individually and organizationally,

Poised for Lasting Impact

JuLY 2018

Where does one begin to craft an update to a membership as diverse as preventive medicine with less than two months under my belt?  Let me start by saying what a privilege it is to lead this organization at this time in our history of health and healthcare and the incredible transformations, disruptions, and innovations that are occurring daily across the health ecosystem.

ACPM is poised for further impact—true and lasting impact—standing on the shoulders of the giants who paved the way for our growth, awareness and visibility positioning us to improve the health of populations across the country, within communities and to engage with passionate colleagues across industries both public and private.

ACPM epitomizes the “and” in the integration AND intersection of health AND health care; public health AND private/corporate interests; lifestyle medicine AND population health. ACPM is preventive medicine—the key organization that represents the vision of what can be along with the knowledge of how to get there—visionary, practical, evidence-based and grounded in outcomes.

We have many opportunities to continue on the path of change and to grow our membership and our value proposition through upgrading our educational offerings, enhancing our product portfolio and increasing the prestige of becoming a Fellow of ACPM. Soon you will be experiencing our upgraded learning management system and courses that meet your licensure/re-licensure requirements, down the road we will be offering a portfolio of enhanced course offerings to expand and enhance your leadership acumen and position you to have greater impact in your circles of influence.

I’m excited about the impact we had most recently with our annual conference (Preventive Medicine 2018) in Chicago and the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit partnering with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the Office of Women’s Health just last week. We had over 600 people at each event and engaged in new science, innovations, and networked across the continuum from acute care settings to the community. The buzz about ACPM, preventive medicine, and overall prevention is running rampant in many conversation circles.

As you may have heard through our other forms of communication (e.g., social media and Washington Update newsletter), be on the lookout for policy news, upcoming events and activities:

  • Board Review Course – August 11-18 in Baltimore, MD
  • New learning management system launching in July
  • New Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies Program – 2nd edition launching in September
  • Board meeting and Corporate Roundtable meeting – October 16-17 in Washington, DC

As you know, we cannot survive on membership dues alone, so we are mindful about the impact of our educational offerings as well as diversifying our revenue streams to engage with our government colleagues through grant funding as well as our corporate colleagues who support our efforts and help us advance our mission.

Staff conducted a membership renewal drive that enabled us to engage with our members. Many thanks to those who have renewed as a result of that "friendly reminder" and for others, please consider ACPM as your home for networking, engaging with preventive medicine experts and learning new updates on preventive medicine and population health. Interesting to note, membership is not exclusive to those with the preventive medicine specialty designation—this is something not well known among physician circles.

We are also working diligently on our grant-funded projects with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our Corporate Roundtable is growing. We welcome the input from our membership on grant ideas and any introductions to new Corporate Roundtable members you deem appropriate to join this supportive body of industry leaders who complement population health efforts and enhance our linkages through health systems, insurance and third party payors, pharmaceuticals, bio-life sciences, and medical device manufacturers, among others in the health and healthcare space. We are all in this journey together to advance evidence-based outcomes and improve health conditions.

Finally, I want to thank the Board of Regents, staff and many volunteer leaders for their gracious onboarding as I get up to speed. Our partners at ASTHO, NACCHO, APHA, AMA, ABPM, ACOEM, AsMA, ACLM, APTR, AJPM, CMSS, NACDD, ODPHP, have been amazing and I can honestly say that the “firehose flow” has started to slow down (a bit) as I gain stronger footing on our many moving parts. We have many opportunities to build momentum, expand our reach, and optimize our impact. I look forward to working with you and for you to make ACPM the go-to organization for population health and the home for so many shining stars of health care.

Yours in health,

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