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Poised for Lasting Impact
Donna Grande
Executive Director Donna Grande, MGA
July 2018

Where does one begin to craft an update to a membership as diverse as preventive medicine with less than two months under my belt?  Let me start by saying what a privilege it is to lead this organization at this time in our history of health and healthcare and the incredible transformations, disruptions, and innovations that are occurring daily across the health ecosystem.

ACPM is poised for further impact—true and lasting impact—standing on the shoulders of the giants who paved the way for our growth, awareness and visibility positioning us to improve the health of populations across the country, within communities and to engage with passionate colleagues across industries both public and private.

ACPM epitomizes the “and” in the integration AND intersection of health AND health care; public health AND private/corporate interests; lifestyle medicine AND population health. ACPM is preventive medicine—the key organization that represents the vision of what can be along with the knowledge of how to get there—visionary, practical, evidence-based and grounded in outcomes.

We have many opportunities to continue on the path of change and to grow our membership and our value proposition through upgrading our educational offerings, enhancing our product portfolio and increasing the prestige of becoming a Fellow of ACPM. Soon you will be experiencing our upgraded learning management system and courses that meet your licensure/re-licensure requirements, down the road we will be offering a portfolio of enhanced course offerings to expand and enhance your leadership acumen and position you to have greater impact in your circles of influence.

I’m excited about the impact we had most recently with our annual conference (Preventive Medicine 2018) in Chicago and the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit partnering with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the Office of Women’s Health just last week. We had over 600 people at each event and engaged in new science, innovations, and networked across the continuum from acute care settings to the community. The buzz about ACPM, preventive medicine, and overall prevention is running rampant in many conversation circles.

As you may have heard through our other forms of communication (e.g., social media and Washington Update newsletter), be on the lookout for policy news, upcoming events and activities:

  • Board Review Course – August 11-18 in Baltimore, MD
  • New learning management system launching in July
  • New Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies Program – 2nd edition launching in September
  • Board meeting and Corporate Roundtable meeting – October 16-17 in Washington, DC

As you know, we cannot survive on membership dues alone, so we are mindful about the impact of our educational offerings as well as diversifying our revenue streams to engage with our government colleagues through grant funding as well as our corporate colleagues who support our efforts and help us advance our mission.

Staff conducted a membership renewal drive that enabled us to engage with our members. Many thanks to those who have renewed as a result of that "friendly reminder" and for others, please consider ACPM as your home for networking, engaging with preventive medicine experts and learning new updates on preventive medicine and population health. Interesting to note, membership is not exclusive to those with the preventive medicine specialty designation—this is something not well known among physician circles.

We are also working diligently on our grant-funded projects with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our Corporate Roundtable is growing. We welcome the input from our membership on grant ideas and any introductions to new Corporate Roundtable members you deem appropriate to join this supportive body of industry leaders who complement population health efforts and enhance our linkages through health systems, insurance and third party payors, pharmaceuticals, bio-life sciences, and medical device manufacturers, among others in the health and healthcare space. We are all in this journey together to advance evidence-based outcomes and improve health conditions.

Finally, I want to thank the Board of Regents, staff and many volunteer leaders for their gracious onboarding as I get up to speed. Our partners at ASTHO, NACCHO, APHA, AMA, ABPM, ACOEM, AsMA, ACLM, APTR, AJPM, CMSS, NACDD, ODPHP, have been amazing and I can honestly say that the “firehose flow” has started to slow down (a bit) as I gain stronger footing on our many moving parts. We have many opportunities to build momentum, expand our reach, and optimize our impact. I look forward to working with you and for you to make ACPM the go-to organization for population health and the home for so many shining stars of health care.

Yours in health,

Farewell, My Friends!

Former Executive Director Michael Barry, CAE
June 2018

It has been more than 18 years since I began my employment with ACPM, 13 years at the helm of the organization. It is astounding how quickly the time has passed. As I approach my final days at ACPM, it is time to say farewell to all of my friends and colleagues in the College.

My longevity with ACPM is not about me, but rather about the College, the whole team, the members, leaders, staff, and partners with whom I've worked, and where we have come as an organization over the past 18 years. It is a testament to ACPM's evolution and growth, its strength and diversity, and its well-respected brand. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this great organization for so long, and entrusted to be its steward. It has been an awesome responsibility. This is YOUR organization.

As we make this change in executive leadership I feel heartened by the fact that ACPM is in a position of strength as an organization, stronger than at any other time financially; in staffing and infrastructure; strategically; and in our brand and image. I believe the organization is well-positioned to soar, and am confident that my successor, Donna Grande, is the right person to help bring the organization to new heights.

To close, I will say to all of you, our members, what I said to the Board in Chicago last month: You all are inspirational leaders and part of an organization with a galvanizing mission and in a specialty that is second to none in importance. It has made it easy for me to come to work every day for the past 18 years, and I know the whole team feels the same way. I have learned so many skills and lessons in this role that I will take with me forever.

I'm not able to tell you where the next stop on my journey will be, as it still is a work in progress. (Please keep me in mind if you see any opportunities!) But I can tell you how to stay connected with me (contact details below), and PLEASE, let's stay connected! I will miss you all and wish ACPM the very best.

mobile: 410-979-1244

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