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Remarks by Previous ACPM Rotation Residents
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"The rotation at ACPM’s headquarters is an exciting and intensive immersion into the world of federal health policy. My two fantastic months at ACPM crystallized for me the fact that preventive medicine is truly at the intersection of medicine, public health, politics, law, and economics. The opportunities during this rotation are extraordinary. Every day was a whirlwind of Congressional Hill visits, meetings with various other stakeholder organizations around DC, and strategizing in the office about how to proceed forward on the numerous issues ACPM is advocating for. With so much of what preventive medicine does resting on the actions of the federal government, there is no better place to learn who the key players are and how major decisions are made that affect the physicians and patients. I would strongly recommend this rotation to every preventive medicine resident."
– Jaspal Ahluwalia, MD

"Doing this rotation really opened my eyes to the incredible impact that one can have on the health of our entire nation when working at the policy level. I have gained a tremendous appreciation for the power of our democracy and how the collective voice of physicians can serve as a powerful instrument of change in Congress. The initial successes that we have achieved have made me feel like I am making a tremendous difference and have truly inspired me. This experience has instilled within me a desire to remain involved in matters of health policy for the rest of my career."
– George Pourakis, MD

"This rotation was a superb opportunity to view national health care policy from the perspective of our professional organization. It provides opportunities to serve ACPM and its membership and to observe the political process. While working with Paul Bonta I had a first hand account of the network of congressional offices, partner organizations, and government agencies that influence and advance health care policy in Washington, DC. I recommend this rotation strongly to any preventive medicine resident who is interested in health care policy on a national level.”
– Jesse James, MD

"My summer rotation at ACPM was an incredible learning opportunity that not only taught me the importance of physicians being involved in making and shaping health policy, but that one voice can make a difference. However, it is the collective voice of a college that can really do the work that one physician cannot. I may never be directly involved in making health policy in my future, but I certainly feel the importance of supporting my college of physicians to voice our support or opposition for legislation.”
– Kimberly Siu, MD, MPH

"There is no better place than D.C. and no better office than ACPM to get involved with federal health policy initiatives in preventive medicine and public health. Being situated in the nation's Capitol is ideal for meeting with policymakers on the Hill, attending briefings, hearings, and a variety of forums, institutes, and summits with leaders from across the country - it's a true immersion experience that you can't get anywhere else! Working with ACPM staff is a huge bouns; the office provides a fun, flexible environmentfor workand allows you to jump into any number of projects going on during your rotation. This is a wonderful opportunity for any resident who wants a real taste of federal health policy, desires to know more about the College, and enjoys networking with multidisciplinary teams!"
Sara Brenner, MD

"I consider the ACPM Health Policy Rotation one of the most essential experiences I had during my preventive medicine training. It provided firsthand exposure to and experience with developing and advocating for prevention and public health policy at the national level. It was also an eye-opening orientation to the federal legislative process. The team at ACPM enveloped me from day one into the important work they do on our behalf. They are knowledgeable, engaged, dynamic, and eager to teach. Anyone who has the least bit of interest in health policy and government would benefitimmenselyfrom this rotation."

Scott Terranella, MD, MPh

"Serving as the ACPM Health Policy resident facilitated access to key leaders in preventive medicine and national health policy, as well as allowing me to learn about and actively participate in the policy process. The skills and exposure provided through the rotation are relevant to every preventive medicine physician in training and critical to those interested in health policy"
- Wendy Braund, MD, MPH, MSEd

"ACPM's Practicum Rotation was a remarkable experience in all aspects. Being in Washington DC provided a rare glimpse into policy making at the highest levels. From meetings with various congressional staff to working directly with the Institute Of Medicine on major national health policy issues, no other rotation could have possibly provided this unique blend of opportunities. And everyone in the ACPM office was great -- they made me feel right at home and were amazingly helpful. I highly recommend this rotation to all Preventive Medicine residents!”
- Sami Bég, MD MPA

"The practicum rotation with ACPM provided me with an amazing experience in Washington, DC. The supportive staff facilitated opportunities to advocate for preventive medicine on Capitol Hill, participate in health coalitions, and conduct public health research. This rotation would help any resident interested in learning more about health policy to take an active role in advancing the field of preventive medicine.”
-Curi Kim, MD

"The rotation was phenomenal! The ACPM staff are welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about current preventive medicine and public health issues. Residents have an opportunity to learnfirst-hand about the public policy process and toadvocate personally on behalf of preventive medicine professionals with members of Congress and with leaders in our professional community. Quite importantly, you begin to understand thepotency of organized medicine in its role in influencing national policy andthe opportunitiesthat are made available to us in our own careers.”
-Ryung Suh, MD

"From other residents' stories, Iknew the rotation at ACPM would be outstanding, buteven I didn't realize how transferrable the skills would be that I gained while at ACPM. From "On Your Behalf" conference attendance to the Hill to Headlines, the hands-on work has left me with experiences andnotes that I still reference in my day-to-day work as a medical officer and clinic physician.”
-Andrea Feller, MD

"The rotation with ACPM was a wonderful experience which enabled me to work in Washington D.C. on federal issues as they related to preventive medicine. From attending various national coalition meetings to meeting with key staff of our U.S. Congressmen to helping formulate ACPM policy, I felt I had the opportunity to see and participate in matters that I would not normally have access to at this point in my training."
-Roy Hoffman, MD

"The practicum rotation at ACPM is a great opportunity toget involved in a wide range ofpolicy, public health, and prevention issues. The staff creates a learning environment where residents can develop their skills while making a real contribution to preventive medicine. Any resident in preventive medicine, regardless of eventual career plans, would benefit from a rotation at ACPM."
-Dan Shodell, MD

"The ACPM rotation was a unique and valuable learning experience.The opportunity to be actively involved in Washington,DC is the best and perhaps the only way to truly understand the policy making process at the federal level."
-Steve J. Herrin, MD

"The rotation in Health policy with ACPM was an exceptional opportunity to understand the workings of Congress in deliberation and funding allocation regarding important health-related issues."
-Steve Alles, MD

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