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Donor Profile - Bob Orford, MD, CM, MS, MPH, FACPM
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Dr. Bob Orford, an ACPM member, shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting ACPM.

ACPM Member and Donor: 
Bob Orford, MD, CM, MS, MPH, FACPM

Scottsdale, Arizona

McGill University (MD, CM), University of Minnesota (MS), University of Washington (MPH)


Why I feel it is important to donate to charity: 
Medicine, and especially preventive medicine is a profession, not just a job or, as Sir William Osler said, it is “a calling, not a business.” An important obligation of professionalism is lifelong education, and another is to support others who are progressing through the earlier stages of their careers. Donating to ACPM satisfies part of both professional obligations.

Most fulfilling aspect of donating to the ACPM:
Another part of professionalism is collegiality, and the ability to mix and interact with others who have similar professional interests. ACPM provides the venue for that, as well as the opportunity to meet with other donors each year at the annual Leadership Society reception. This is always a rewarding and enjoyable event.

How I hope my donations have helped others:
As the politicians will tell, you any amount you give will help. Your gift may not fund a scholarship or a staff position, but if no one gave, there would be less available for ACPM to use for its many worthy causes. Development funds are important for most not-for-profit organizations, and this is particularly true for smaller professional organizations such as ACPM. I know they will use these resources wisely.

What I’ve learned through my involvement with the ACPM:
I started attending ACPM meetings in 1979, and have done so on a regular basis since, initially once every two or three years, and more recently every year. The meetings are always engaging and the breadth of preventive medicine as a field means that at every meeting I will learn new things. One of the most enjoyable parts of the recent New Orleans meeting was the session on the community response to Hurricane Katrina from those who were in leadership positions in health care, public heath, academia, and the broader community at that time. Fascinating and moving presentations.

Something about me not everyone knows:
I have become a good friend of Dr. Elliott Rosenberg, ACPM’s International Regent. We have met at many ACPM meetings over the years, and I had the opportunity to spend time with him in Jerusalem during a visit there last September. We were able to tour King Hezekiah’s Tunnel which brought the water supply underneath the ground to the City of David in Jerusalem in ancient times. It is about 2.5 feet wide and 533m long through knee deep water. If you go, bring a flashlight!



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*All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Donors are recognized September 30, December 31, March 30 and June 30 of each year.

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