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PM 2015 MOC Quizzes
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Preventive Medicine 2015




To Request MOC Credits:

Step 1:  Select and take quizzes below for the sessions you attended

Step 2:
  After completing the quizzes (below) - Fill out a CME/MOC Request Form



  • Each MOC qualified session will have a quiz associated with it.
  • Please complete each quiz before claiming credit.
  • While you do not need to achieve any set pass-rate, we encourage you to review the questions and answers thoughtfully.

The CME/MOC Tracking Sheet helps you
track your credits - you may download it here.

Step 1:  Complete a quiz for each session you attended


Preventive Medicine 2015 Quizzes:



Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Residency Directors Workshop 


Full Day Skill Building Institutes

Institute 1: Imagining the Preventive Medicine Clinic of the Future


AM Half Day Skill Building 

Institute 2: Things I Didn't Learn About QI in My Training

Institute 4: The Anatomy of an Epidemic: How to Identify, Intervene and Analyze an Outbreak—A Simulation

Institute 5: Leveraging Social Media 101:  Messaging to Trending 

Institute 6: Prevention-Focused Global Health: A Primer for Preventive Medicine Physicians

PM Half Day Skill Building 

Institute 7: Geomedicine: An Innovative Approach to Improve the Health of Populations

Institute 8: Hack Health: App Programming for Beginners

Institute 9: Imagine a World with No More “White Elephants” in Global Health: Designing for Scale and Sustainability


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Opening General Session & KBS Guest Lecturer: Prevention’s Path to Happiness: What You See is What You Get


Concurrent Sessions I:

Session 1: Diabetes for Two in Mother and Offspring:  Worth Doubling Our Efforts at Prevention

Session 2: Coverage ≠ Access: Barriers to Preventive Care among Individuals with Health Insurance: Strategies for Closing this Gap 

Session 3: Building a Culture of Quality to Advance Population Health: Notes from the Field

Session 4: Imagine a World Without AIDS

Session 5: American Board of Preventive Medicine Update: Strategies and Tools for Becoming and Staying Certified

Session 5A: Integration of Injury Prevention into Clinical Medicine

Plenary Session I: The Psychology of Eating: Unconscious Beliefs that Influence Food Choices


Concurrent Sessions II:

Session 6: Imagine a World without Cardiovascular Disease

Session 7: Scientific Abstracts Presentations in Population Health Practice

Session 8: Immunization Registries Transforming with Health Care Transformation

Session 9: The Rise and Fall of VA Healthcare: 1994-2014

Session 10: Promoting Healthy Aging at the Population Level


Concurrent Sessions III:


Friday, February 27, 2015

Plenary Session II: Population Health: What it Means Depends on What You Do


Concurrent Sessions IV:

Session 16: Scientific Abstract Sessions in Clinical Preventive & Lifestyle Medicine Practice

Session 17: Role of Consumer, Clinicians, and Public Health and Their Health IT Applications

Session 18: Vaccine Update

Session 19: Preventive Medicine in Tough Places

Session 20: Tools of Innovation in Global Public Health

Session 20A: What’s Up in Colorectal Cancer Screening and the 80% by 2018 Campaign?


Plenary Session III: Behavioral Economics/Patient Incentives

Public Health Preparedness and Response followed by a Tour of CDC's Museum Center

Half Day Skill Building Institute: How to Prepare for a Scientific Abstract and Oral Presentation

Half Day Skill Building Institute:: Emerging Tools for Emerging Diseases

An Afternoon of Performing Arts: Drama, Transformation, and Prevention:  How the Arts and Medicine Created the Award Winning Interactive Movie “Partnering to Heal”


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plenary Session IV: Imagining a New Health Care System - Where Rewards and Outcomes Align


Concurrent Sessions V:

Session 21: Lifestyle Medicine Clinical Practice Models

Session 22: Total Community Health: An Effort to Bring the Best of Occupational Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine to Semi-rural Communities

Session 23: Scientific Abstract Presentations in Global Health

Session 24: Ebola Response: Global Perspective

Session 25: Interesting Careers in Preventive Medicine


Concurrent Sessions VI: 

Session 26: Learning from the Present to Chart a Better Future of LGBT Preventive Medicine

Session 27: Using a Population Health Approach to Eliminate Health Disparities

Session 28: Imagining What a Quality Reporting System Is & Use of Collaborations to Drive Quality Improvements

Session 29: Updates from the Uniformed Services' Preventive Medicine Consultants to the Surgeons General

Session 30: Imagine a World with Universal Health Coverage

Concurrent Sessions VII:

Session 31: Ebola Response: Local Perspective

Session 32: Transforming Health Outside the Health Care Walls

Session 33: Scientific Abstract Presentation in Medical Quality

Session 34: Global Health and Prevention: New Ways to Support Physician Education

Session 35: An Introduction to Health System Transformation and the CMS Sponsored State Innovation Models Awards


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