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ACPM Academies
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The ACPM Bylaws (Article X; Section 1) provide that state, district, national and international components of the College may be formed and shall apply to the Board of Regents for a charter. Charters shall be issued upon the following conditions:

(a) That a minimum of seven members in any one state, group of states, or organization be enrolled as members of the academy before application for charter is made.

(b) That the name to be used by and the area included in each academy shall be approved by the Board of Regents of the College.

(c) That membership in an academy shall be comparable to but not necessarily limited to membership of the College.

(d) That the majority of the membership of each academy shall be encouraged to become members in good standing of the College.

(e) That at least one meeting of such academy be held each year. Minutes of such meetings shall be submitted to the College secretary.

(f) That the Constitution and Bylaws of each academy be approved by the Board of Regents of the College. Any subsequent amendments thereto shall be likewise approved.

(g) That the academy be self-supporting.

Charters may be granted by the Board of Regents upon receipt of a written application which shall satisfy the foregoing conditions signed by the officers of the academy. A two thirds vote of the members of the Board of Regents present and voting shall be necessary to grant a charter.

The following groups have been granted Academy status by the ACPM Board of Regents.

California Academy of Preventive Medicine (CAPM)

North Carolina Academy of Preventive Medicine (NCAPM)

Uniformed Services Academy of Preventive Medicine (USAPM)

American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)

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